Web Design Tips For Dental Websites

BY IN Uncategorized, 3.10.2018

It is a shame to see so many dental websites out there that all look the same. There is a picture with someone that has a perfect smile and a quick CTA that invites people to get a free consultation or book a dentist appointment. Remember that the website is not a practice brochure. It needs to be a lot more than that.

The very best dental websites are created with one goal: turn visitors into patients. It might seem that this is not right but we are talking about a business. Every single dental practice out there, from the Lafayette dentist to the large dental care chain needs a website that converts. This is where proper web design steps in.

Obviously, building a great dental website revolves around many different things. However, the following tips should be enough to get you started.

Show Visitors What To Do

This can seem counterintuitive for many since the common thought process is that everyone knows what to do when they reach a website. According to research, website visitors actually have to be told what to do. In this case, they have to be told where and how an appointment can be booked.

Always make sure that the call to action is clear and that it is very easy to find on every single page of the website. This does seem something that is obvious but it is much more important than what some believe. The phone number should be placed on every single page, in the header, preferably the upper right corner. Also, whenever a service is presented, a customized CTA has to be included.

Reduce Design And Increase Functionality

Way too many dental websites are filled with graphics and have really low functionality. What you want to create needs to be intuitive. It has to be very simple to browse, search and actually find what you want to find. It is tempting to use complicated design because this makes everything look great. However, when your goal is to convert visitors, everything should be simple and the golden rule here truly is “less is more”.

Reduce Loading Times

Talking about less is more, if the website lasts 4 seconds to load, you already lost many potential patients. Websites have to load as fast as possible. This means that everything has to be properly optimized, from images used to scripts that are running in the background. Using CDN networks is recommended and many other things can be done to reduce website loading times.

Why Should People Trust You?

Your website has to answer this question. Why would someone become a patient at your dental office? People obviously choose dentists because of different reasons but it is up to the dental practice to offer such reasons. The unique value proposition of a dental practice is going to do wonders for increasing conversion rates. In this case humility will never be rewarded. You want to tell people why they should choose you as a dentist and then you need to tell them that again.