Modern Innovations That Streamline Software Development

BY IN Uncategorized, 10.10.2018

IT is mostly based on software development at the moment, so there’s no wonder why technology is evolving in this sector rapidly. CIOs are now facing big issues regarding streamlining their software development processes, as they get more and more numerous each day. Their complexity can’t be ignored either.

Clients require more from the people they hire for software development; the society expects more because of the innovations that occur every day – this is why entrepreneurs are trying to adopt new technologies in the way they handle this matter. Luckily, achieving effective project planning in terms of software development is not as difficult if the person who wants to adopt it gets thoroughly informed about it. Here are the latest pieces of information regarding this topic:

B2B and blockchain

Businesses are focused on improving their security and the reliability of the services they offer. This wouldn’t be possible without changing the way they handle transactions electronically, or any other factor that is somehow related to financial services. Businesses direct their attention towards B2B transactions and using blockchain for them. Blockchain technology proved to be efficient in many other sectors other than cryptocurrency. Among organizations, this started to be a propriety. Eliminating banks from the scheme seems to be very convenient for both clients and firms. Intermediaries only require involving more money.

Blockchain can eliminate all the intermediaries that consume time and other resources from a company. Even though some people consider it instable at the moment, the truth is that blockchain technology becomes safer with each day that goes by. Cloud services, B2B and blockchain combined in one single place will lead to better security, scalability and reliability, which means exactly the results expected by most entrepreneurs out there.

Communication and chatbots

Chatbots are automated or semi-automated software designed to interact with customers. They are thought to respond quickly to users’ questions and to get relevant information from a huge amount of data. Generally, bots run simple and repetitive tasks at a much faster rate than a human being could, thus streamlining some processes. Built on the principle of neural networks, bots are endowed with a certain degree of Artificial Intelligence and become more and more efficient in their responses. Here are some benefits of them:

  • They offer immediate support to customer relationships – small businesses do not always allow the necessary staff to answer the various questions customers may have, and such chatbots can be helpful by giving details about the product, its price, functionality and so on.
  • Understanding clients better and gaining their loyalty – dealing with each client can sometimes be impossible even if talking about a small business. Moreover, intelligent software can collect data about your customers or use of your service to see what their interests, what are the expectations of your business, or how you can improve your services.
  • Simplifying payments – bots can be created to store the card data and the customer can make a payment via a simple message.

Artificial Intelligence becomes the User Interface

Like natural intelligence, artificial intelligence is achieved through interactions with the environment. In humans, intelligence is a genetically inherited factor that must be trained through cognitive exercises. A human being develops knowledge and skills by engaging neural synapses. Neural networks are similar in construction and functionalities to the human brain. Artificial Intelligence is achieved by engaging these networks. Artificial Intelligence is used to control processes where traditional programming based on rigid algorithms cannot be used. Intelligence involves adapting behavior based on stimuli based on past experiences. The experience gained by these networks following training is called Artificial Intelligence.

But how could it help with streamlining software development? Well, AI can play the role of a User Interface. The model of app interfaces that people got used to is going to disappear gradually. Intelligent apps seem to protrude the market at the moment, meaning that you no longer have to interact that much with your smartphone in order to have it do something.

You’ll get your own personal assistant instead, that uses AI to retain when, how and where to do things. Streamlining comes from the way you can handle some tasks by using AI as a User Interface, for instance approving reports or analyzing large bits of data. Developers can now enjoy a fully-predictive service that automate most manual tasks that they struggle with at the moment. Thus, the software development life cycle is tremendously reduced.

DevOps change

DevOps is a set of practices that automate the processes that take place between software development and IT teams to help them compile, test and launch software faster and more reliably. The DevOps concept is based on the creation of a collaboration culture between teams that have functioned over relatively separate times. The promised benefits include growing confidence, faster software release, the ability to quickly resolve critical issues and better management of unplanned work. The DevOps movement began to cloud between 2007 and 2008, when IT operations and software developer communities were worried about the potential for a serious malfunction in the industry.

They have distanced themselves from the traditional software development model, which required code-writing to be organizationally and functionally separate from those who implement and support this code. Today, they can be changed forever. The specialists in this field talk about a DevOps change that will lead to better streamlining in terms of software development. How? By reducing the time invested by human workers into the development of software. Further automation is brought to the table and DevOps will soon turn to NoOps.

Final word

Technologies will always evolve. There is no doubt about that. The software development industry is one of the many other out there that is disrupted by the emerging innovations. The only thing you need to do at the moment is staying informed about the latest changes and see if they could bring a positive impact to what you are doing. Some upgrades are significant, while others are not worth the trouble.