7 Redesign Tips to Make Your Logo Better Than Ever

Consumers recognize a brand by its logo. So when logos change, there’s always some confusion for the audience. Some people will quickly come to love the new logo, especially if it’s better than the old version. Others may need some time to come around. The good news is, there are ways to help people adjust to an updated logo. The most important thing you can do is to make the new logo a true improvement on the old one. It should be reflective of the brand’s personality and more effective at communicating that personality with the audience. Sounds like a pretty tall order, right? Not to worry. Our friends at Company Folders have put together these seven tips to make sure your new logo is better than ever.


7 Design Tips to Create the Perfect Logo

Have you ever wondered why some logos capture the imagination, yet others fall flat? Look closely at the world’s most effective logos, and you’ll soon realize they all have crucial elements in common. The design team at Company Folders, an online printing company, has defined the 7 key ways you can make your next logo enthralling to your audience.


Why You Still Need a Slider Above the Fold

The above-the-fold area of a website, the area that you see first before you start scrolling through a page, is still the most important area to pay close attention to. The elements you place above the fold will affect a lot of things, from the time users spend on your site to how effective a landing page can be in converting visitors into sales.


5 Mistakes That Could Jeopardise Your Online Marketing Strategy

Many a times, online marketers tend to commit grievous SEO mistakes oblivious of the results. This article, therefore, highlights some of these mistakes, their effects and how to avoid them. In any given business the most important thing is the outcome. In this case, you will need to minimize the costs in order to maximize profit.


Making Your Website Stand Out Visually

When it comes to building websites, design fads come and go, and the tools available to construct them become more and more numerous it can be difficult to know where to begin. It’s all too easy to get bogged down in detail though perfectly understandable if you have amazing products or services to offer.


Making the Most of Your WordPress Installation

Honestly, the theme you choose here at Website Templates is only a small piece of the puzzle. For an effective website, you also need to consider content, plugins/functionality, and the overall purpose of the website. If you’re building a blog for fun, about pet care, that’s a completely different situation than if you’re setting out to build a blog for your business to drive up profits.  Here are a few tips to help you maximize your efforts.


Find Your Perfect WP Theme

The web seems to be oversupplied with different WordPress themes nowadays. But when you need a perfect theme for your own blog or website… it gets complicated to find something really worthy. Today we’ll try to show you different ways (free and paid) to get the best WordPress Theme ever!


Speeding Up Your Website

Although we live in a world with widespread access to broadband Internet connections, website loading speed is still of vital importance. Studies have shown that a loading time delay of a mere second can cause an eleven percent reduction in page views. If page views go down, sales conversions and income go down with it.