Making the Most of Your WordPress Installation

Honestly, the theme you choose here at Website Templates is only a small piece of the puzzle. For an effective website, you also need to consider content, plugins/functionality, and the overall purpose of the website. If you’re building a blog for fun, about pet care, that’s a completely different situation than if you’re setting out to build a blog for your business to drive up profits.  Here are a few tips to help you maximize your efforts.


Find Your Perfect WP Theme

The web seems to be oversupplied with different WordPress themes nowadays. But when you need a perfect theme for your own blog or website… it gets complicated to find something really worthy. Today we’ll try to show you different ways (free and paid) to get the best WordPress Theme ever!


Speeding Up Your Website

Although we live in a world with widespread access to broadband Internet connections, website loading speed is still of vital importance. Studies have shown that a loading time delay of a mere second can cause an eleven percent reduction in page views. If page views go down, sales conversions and income go down with it.


When is it Best to Use a Private Server for Your Website?

The decision to upgrade to a Virtual Private Server (VPS) can be a smart business decision if you have a need for the extra power and dedicated resources that a VPS offers. A VPS offers exceptional power, control and versatility, and it may be required depending on the type of applications you run on your server. Getting a virtual private server is a good option for those who aren’t ready to commit to the cost of a fully dedicated server.


How To Pick a Secure WordPress Template

Choosing the best WordPress template for your website can be overwhelming, and not just because of the wide arrangement of visual options! You need to consider price, compatibility with plugins and WP updates, ease of use… when you take all of that into account, it can feel as if there’s an impossible breadth of options.


How Your Online Business Can Succeed From Your Blog

Many bloggers don’t have any idea of building a successful blog and they just start writing without taking this work on a professional basis. Further, it takes a lot of hard work in making your blog successful by updating it on a timely basis.


Building Security Into Your Web Design

Websites and web apps are increasingly targets of hackers; and generally, the larger their network of visitors and subscribers, the bigger a target they are. From cross-site scripting vulnerabilities to API security issues, it seems as though it’s only easier and easier for malicious individuals to gain access to websites and databases.

secure web design

Should You Host Your Own Website?

If you own or manage a website, you’ve probably given a little bit of thought to your hosting options. For those using builder services like, the hosting question is simple. The builder platform hosts the website for you. But things get a little more complicated if you have a custom website, or are designing using platforms like Drupal or WordPress. Often, there are two clear choices.