How To Better Align Sales and Marketing To Close More Deals in 2017

2016 was a bit of a strange year regarding sales, marketing, the economy and the deal making environment. There was a lot of uncertainty, which is common during a U.S. election year, but there were also events such as the Brexit and other political turmoil that led everyone to be somewhat cautious and on the lookout for what was next.


5 Design Plugins That Will Enhance Page Load Speed

There is probably nothing more effective as a deterrent than a painfully slow website. You click on a link from an article you are engrossed in that looks like it will lead to some more interesting or helpful content, and as the new tab opens and the little loading wheel begins to spin—the new page remains blank. After more than just a few seconds that feel more like an eternity, you close the tab before it even finishes loading. Why? Because it was taking just too long to load.


Avoid A Disaster: 4 Common Hosting Mistakes To Run Away From

Where you choose to host your website can make or break its success, and there are many hosting horror stories to demonstrate the impact a bad hosting decision can have. In 2014, hosting company Crazy Domains lost the data for thousands of its websites, resulting in huge losses for the website owners. Not only was the company unable to compensate those users for the loss, but were unable to explain their lack of customer support leading up to the server crash.

Ways to Save Money on Web Hosting

If you want to host a website on a web host that is both reliable and trustworthy isn’t always easy. What is even worse is this, and that is if, you have just started a blog and aren’t making a single dime from it. It can be the worse of the worse. The same can apply to being a student and not earning anything either yet. However, despite this reality, you still want to make sure that your blog is being hosted on an awesome web host for sure. Right? It can be difficult to manage the expenses of web hosting and that can be a burden if finances are tight. Luckily, there are some workarounds here, which can help lessen the burden that is on your shoulders. Here are some good working tips to help cut the high costs that go along with web hosting. They are:


5 Tips on How to Become a Successful Blogger

There are many successful bloggers out there. Have you ever wondered how they became successful? Bloggers are the creative faces of the internet. They create a wide range of interesting and relevant content to help people achieve their goals. Some earn a lot of money by using their blog as an advertisement platform. Some people also promote their products and services on their blogs to their audience. However, there are many other steps to achieve success with blogging. If you are looking to become a successful blogger, you need to create a new blog. That is the first step. Then you should check out these following tips on how to become a successful blogger

The Six Most Common Web Design Mistakes

Nowadays, we all need to have our own website. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, or a stay at home blogger, we need to have a landing page in order to have an online presence. However, if you are serious in promoting yourself, your products, or services, you should develop a good website. Whether you design your website or have a professional help you, it’s important you know how to avoid specific mistakes to avert your website from disaster.
Today, we will go over the six most common web design mistakes.


7 Redesign Tips to Make Your Logo Better Than Ever

Consumers recognize a brand by its logo. So when logos change, there’s always some confusion for the audience. Some people will quickly come to love the new logo, especially if it’s better than the old version. Others may need some time to come around. The good news is, there are ways to help people adjust to an updated logo. The most important thing you can do is to make the new logo a true improvement on the old one. It should be reflective of the brand’s personality and more effective at communicating that personality with the audience. Sounds like a pretty tall order, right? Not to worry. Our friends at Company Folders have put together these seven tips to make sure your new logo is better than ever.


7 Design Tips to Create the Perfect Logo

Have you ever wondered why some logos capture the imagination, yet others fall flat? Look closely at the world’s most effective logos, and you’ll soon realize they all have crucial elements in common. The design team at Company Folders, an online printing company, has defined the 7 key ways you can make your next logo enthralling to your audience.