You Think You Can Handle Your Own SEO?

Admitting that you need help is never easy, regardless of the context of the situation. However, there are times when you must admit it to yourself first and foremost if you are to see yourself or website you are running grow in a favorable direction. There are many reasons for which you should hire a company to do your SEO and not attempt to do it yourself and we are going to discuss some of these reasons today.


How Website Proposal Template PowerPoint Presentations Can Dramatically Increase Your Business

So you have finally decided the look and feel of your website. You have walked through your development team through all the initial design and coding phases, brainstormed mockups, tried and tested wireframes and even got a nice looking logo. Here comes the scary part: you now have to present your website project proposal to the higher management, CMOs, executives, non-tech managers, and most importantly, the client.


Here Are 5 Simple Ways to Humanize Any Website

Every business has a website these days. Heck, just about every business professional has their own website for their personal brand. But why is it that so many business websites are unappealing to the vast majority of people?


5 Tips to Help Optimize Your Website

Search engine optimisation is so important in our digital age, where every business is online and we are all competing for that coveted top spot on Google page one. SEO is a particular skill and is defined by many different elements that combine to allow your business to become a powerhouse online, able to be found by people looking for precisely the goods and services that you offer. The following tips have been tried and tested by CEO Ben Austin who has years of experience when it comes to helping businesses from all over the UK attain significant results when it comes to successful website optimisation. Here are his 5 most powerful and easily implemented tips that every business can benefit from knowing…


 6 Powerful Time-Saving Tips for Busy Designers  

As a web designer, you’re probably in high demand these days. The industry is growing at a fast pace and businesses everywhere are finally beginning to understand the incredible value that comes with having a website professionally designed. But how do you maximize your time when you have a to-do list that stretches across your desk?


Which Elements Belong on Your Homepage?

While the rise of landing pages mean the homepage isn’t as important as it once was, it still plays a significant role in the overall design and health of a website. But do you know which elements to include and which ones can be left off?


Why SEO Could be a Crucial Edge for Your Business

SEO is a low-cost investment with a high return on investment

SEO has a higher rate of return than its rival alternatives such as implementing pay-per-click. Unlike SEO, the moment you stop paying and spreading ads across the internet, you will stop receiving the proportionate amount of traffic. SEO on the other hand is a lasting and enduring benefit. When a website has been properly optimized, it will receive traffic from searches on the engine, regardless of ads or not. This is why SEO is a low-cost investment that pays dividends because of the nature of its traffic and benefits. However, It must also be said that this doesn’t mean companies shouldn’t use PPC, but they should use it in conjunction with SEO to achieve the best results possible for their company.

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Free vs. Paid Templates: Which One is Best for a New Blogger?

If you are new to the blogging world, you will inevitable come across the free vs. paid template debate as soon as you start setting up a blog. There are good arguments for both sides, but choosing the right answer depends on your particular requirements. In general, respectable template sites have a strict reviewing process for both free and premium, so the issue isn’t that free templates look bad. What makes the choice so difficult is that these templates differ in terms of features and support, so it all depends on what you want to achieve with your blog. This rundown will help you understand the advantages of disadvantages of each one and help you decide if the investment is worth it or not in your case.

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Why A Responsive Website Is More Important For Your Business Than You Think

Business owners who are redesigning or building their websites for the first time have a lot to consider. Designing a website is about so much more than the way it looks. For newbies, forget about throwing a website together because you’re “supposed to have one.” Your website is the face of your business; it’s your first impression. And in business, just as in life, first impressions are everything.