5 Revenue Streams To Make Money With A WordPress Blog

BY IN Uncategorized, 9.07.2018

A wordpress blog creates many opportunities to make money online. Millions of website owners monetize their websites to generate revenues. Many of these income streams can be small yielding at first but grow into substantial revenue streams. As a home based entrepreneur, you should consider creating as many revenue streams as possible from your newly started wordpress blog. As you grow your online business, the additional streams of income will create security and stability so you can pay others to work for you. To learn more, we will cover stable revenue streams that can come from your wordpress website.

Selling Your Own Services Or Products

If you already have another home based business running, the easiest way to make money with a  wordpress blog is selling your services or products. Every business should have a corporate website. Whether you want to create an ecommerce store with your blog or just list service packages for people to purchase, a wordpress blog can get the job done. Moreover, this is a revenue stream that you can rely on because of your existing sales. By adding another channel for your existing business, you can make more money with you wordpress business site pretty quickly.

Joining An Advertising Platform

If you don’t have an existing business, most entrepreneurs start monetizing their websites with ad-blocks. This is usually the first step for beginners because the giant ad-networks are relatively simple to join. After you are done installing wordpress and creating some content, there are many networks that will accept your publisher application without too much hassle. Of course, premium ad-networks require significant traffic minimums. However, when you are just getting started, it’s a bonus to start monetizing your wordpress install as soon as possible. While advertising blocks provide a small amount of revenue in the beginning, a significant amount of traffic can lead to stable income in the long term.

Applying To Affiliate Programs

Similarly, affiliate programs are another revenue stream that has varying degrees of acceptance. Certain affiliate programs only accept establish websites with proven track records of success. Meanwhile, other are happy to see that you are starting a website and have interest in promoting their products. Depending on the niche you are entering, you should be able to find affiliate programs that would interest your readers. Similar to referring family and friends, your blog earns commissions for referring visitors that convert into leads. As you can imagine, the high priced or recurring products offer the highest payouts. For example, the hosting industry has very high paying affiliate programs for website owners because of the recurring revenues in the business. Therefore, you should look out for affiliate programs that will appeal to your audience and turn it into another revenue stream for your wordpress blog.

Sell Membership To Your Blog

Additionally, you can create premium content for your blog. Whether it is digital products like ebooks and courses or a private section for premium customers, membership websites are a unique way to add a revenue stream to your blog. Odds are, if you are starting a blog and have expertise on a particular subject, then you could probably sell the best of that knowledge in a separate premium section. You can choose how to package these types of digital assets. More so, a wordpress blog makes it easy to do so. Using various plugins, you can create a paid membership section where you share all of your premium content.

Sell Direct Advertising

As your blog grows, you will have enough traffic to sell direct advertising. This is where the revenue streams can really add up. Instead of having a platform taking a percentage, you can reach out directly to brands and agencies for advertising campaigns. Naturally, they will want to see your traffic analytics or media kit. If you have enough traffic and the right audience, they will be happy to negotiate a deal. These direct advertising deals can make a huge difference to your overall income. Remember to work hard to build up a significant audience and tap into the direct ad selling revenue stream.

When starting a blog, you should have a good idea of what revenue streams you will be using right away. This will allow you to plan content and design strategies to maximize the blog’s earning potential. In the beginning, leverage any existing business services or products. Then, focus on the advertising and affiliate networks that will accept your website. As you gain traffic, consider creating a membership section or selling direct advertising to companies in your industry. When combined, these revenue streams will help you make money with your wordpress blog.