What Exactly is Guest Blogging and How Can You Get the Best From It?

BY IN Basics of Web Design, 4.04.2017

Guest blogging can be described as a method through which bloggers generate backlinks and traffic by posting unique content to other websites as a guest. Guest blogging will be effective in two different ways;


– You can write a post that will appear on someone else’s website,
– Someone else writes a post that will appear on your blog.

Whichever method you choose, links to your web pages must be included in order for you to generate backlinks and drive traffic through guest posts. Many websites make use of guest posting primarily to generate backlinks and build traffic, hence you need to be aware of the sources from which your links are coming from. Aside from inserting links into your blog posts, you need to ensure that such links are strategically positioned; for instance, instead of putting your links recklessly, you may want to use contextual backlinks that are embedded inside texts and they become part of the sentences- these links are more respected than ordinary backlinks that are randomly placed anywhere on the website.

Links that are randomly placed are also frowned at by search engines. You need to ensure that you keep backlinks to less than 5 per page, because you may be sanctioned by search engines for using too much. When you get links make sure they come from websites that have similar contents to yours. Do not get backlinks from a dog food website when your website content is about automobiles. You can simply check https://adsy.com/, more information on how to strategically place backlinks on your web content as a guest blogger.

In order to get the most from your backlinks, you need to perform all other link sharing strategies, including the ones listed below;
– Share the content immediately on social media after publishing it. Facebook and Twitter for instance are largest social network that you must share your contents immediately after publishing. Other large social networks worth considering include; Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest.

– Include links to your blog inside your email and newsletters. Personalized newsletters can be sent to your email lists on weekly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis. There are people who generate thousands of traffic via emails and newsletters just by including their backlinks inside such emails, in a personalized manner. You need to be careful about sending too many emails as such may be regarded as spam, and your recipients may block such newsletters or spam them.

– Share links with online influencers as well as other bloggers you interact with. This is one of the best ways to exchange valuable links but it has to be relevant links from relevant websites. When your partner bloggers share your links and useful posts, you will share a large percentage of their audiences that are automatically directed to your website from theirs.

– Learn to re-purpose your blog contents, in order to extend their shelf-life. Once you post a blog and publish it on your website, you must think about how you can add more value to them and then re-share them on social media once again. Adding more value to already posted contents is one of the best possible ways of maximizing your backlink results.

– Share the contents in relevant forums that you participate in. The online forum must be one that is related to your niche or industry. You need to use links sparingly because you don’t want to appear to be promoting something, simply offer readers useful information before you consider embedding your backlinks in such information.

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