Free vs. Paid Templates: Which One is Best for a New Blogger?

If you are new to the blogging world, you will inevitable come across the free vs. paid template debate as soon as you start setting up a blog. There are good arguments for both sides, but choosing the right answer depends on your particular requirements. In general, respectable template sites have a strict reviewing process for both free and premium, so the issue isn’t that free templates look bad. What makes the choice so difficult is that these templates differ in terms of features and support, so it all depends on what you want to achieve with your blog. This rundown will help you understand the advantages of disadvantages of each one and help you decide if the investment is worth it or not in your case.

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Why A Responsive Website Is More Important For Your Business Than You Think

Business owners who are redesigning or building their websites for the first time have a lot to consider. Designing a website is about so much more than the way it looks. For newbies, forget about throwing a website together because you’re “supposed to have one.” Your website is the face of your business; it’s your first impression. And in business, just as in life, first impressions are everything.


Website Templates: Why Simple is Best

Many website owners are choosing to opt to use templates for their website design. With so many template options out there to choose from, it can be very tempting to go for the most dazzling and intricate one available. However, for the purposes of both branding and SEO, it’s often best to choose a simpler design aesthetic. Let’s look at some of the best reasons to opt for a simpler website design, shall we?


15 Ways to Make a WordPress Website Lightning Quick

Do you feel your WordPress website takes too long to load? Are your guests complaining about your loading speed?
Here are 15 simple steps you can quickly take to fix these problems and ensure the loading speed of your WordPress website.


8 Web Design Tips to Make Your Site More User Responsive

Responsive web design (RWD) is, in essence, about creating sites that are simple and easy to use on different devices, while also being pleasing on the eye. A site being responsive improves the site visitor’s user experience, and makes it possible to create a good user journey whatever the type of content being presented.

Design Tips

5 Tips for Making a More Efficient Email Marketing List for Your Blog

Anyone can start a blog, but not everyone can build a successful one. In order to succeed as a blogger, you need to get your readers to come back to your blog. To do this, you need to utilize multiple channels to let them know when you’ve posted new content. Email is one of the most vital tools you can use to grow your blog. Most bloggers place an email subscription box somewhere on their page. But if you want to be more efficient in building your list and effective with your email marketing, you need to go beyond that. Here are five tips for getting more from your email marketing efforts.


Key Metrics to Understand Domain Names in 2017

Domain name metrics have many uses. Previously, they were used mainly for assessing website performance, SEO value, registration and other analytics for the site owner. Since flipping domain names became a widespread practice, it is now more important to know each metric and the roles they play in helping you choose a potentially profitable website.

Caution: Read this Before Buying Expired Domain Names

Choosing the domain to purchase is a critical decision that could make or break your online presence. There are various factors to consider, and the possibilities are endless when it comes to buying a domain. You could register from scratch, or go for a previously owned or expired one.


The 8 Elements of a Successful Business Card Design

You may work entirely on the web—but that doesn’t mean your clients exist in a cyberspace vacuum (if they did, they wouldn’t need your help creating a good website). That’s why it’s crucial to market yourself offline from time to time. A professionally designed business card is one of the most effective ways to do that; they’re convenient, portable, and perfect for showing off your creativity.