5 Essential Tips to Help You Find Top-Class SEO Resellers

BY IN Uncategorized, 2.08.2019

The landscape of e-commerce is ever-changing with new trends emerging every day. For this very reason, you need to find an SEO reselling company that includes web immersion in their strategies. This means you require specialists who are good at the SEO game, acting as internet traffic meteorologists with the ability to forecast trends.

5 Criteria for Selecting a Reliable SEO Reseller

It is common to find SEO resellers who loathe the grilling from prospective clients. However, it is essential to interview them before signing the dotted line. Whether it takes perpetual emailing or calls, you want your potential SEO reseller to clarify the following five questions before working with them.

What Criteria Do You Use for Picking Search Terms?

The ultimate answer to this question must be “by evaluating your business and industry to identify keywords or phrases sought most by your clients.” Additionally, the keywords picked by the company should conform to yours as the leader and expert in your industry. If in any case, they differ, then they or you are missing something.

What are Your Result’s Standards?

Choose an SEO reseller who’s focused on delivering results. They should be banking mainly on actual measurable outcomes such as sales and leads. First page SERPs are useful as they are essential. Spending a day on social media postings to get you to Google’s first page is not adequate. What you require is a company that can grade itself with tangible results such as leads or sales.

What is Your Approach Towards Content Generation?

About four years ago, you would find SEO experts who could fill hyperlinks in articles without necessarily fitting them in the context, and this was acceptable. However, this strategy is no longer viable. Nobody is impressed by keywords littered throughout your content. Today, the winning approach in search engine marketing is using naturally crafted content with organically layered keywords and hyperlinks. The last thing you want to do is anger a potential customer who is a click away from making a purchase.

Do You Provide SEO Rich Content? How Do You Create It?

Imagine working with an SEO reseller who claims to be a content creator. Well, this can only mean that they are either high on something or multi-talented caffeine abusers. High-quality content can only come by working with an expert writer, top-notch artist, qualified videographer, or other types of top-class specialists.

What is Your Link Building Strategy?

Undoubtedly, links are required to be of top-quality. Additionally, they should represent what they stand for as well as be copyright free. Never work with SEO resellers who incorporate spam links that could potentially affect your business ranking and reputation. Remember, such links can drive traffic away from your site, potentially leading to legal disputes.


Run as fast as you can from SEO resellers who cannot provide satisfactory answers to these five questions. In case they are untoward to them in any way, they may be fly-by-night outfits trying hard to blend in the professional SEO world.