Top 6 Keyword Research Tools SEOs and Marketers Can’t Live Without

BY IN Uncategorized, 2.04.2019

The SEO tools you choose can have a positive effect on your keyword research. If you want to get the most out of your organic ranking, keywords are a critical aspect. Choose the right keywords and your site or blog will have long-term website traffic growth, aging like fine wine.

Identifying the right keywords used to be slightly challenging. However, there are a wide variety of SEO tools you can now choose from to maximize your efforts. You have a WordPress theme, a WordPress hosting service, a domain name, social media channels are ready to go, the only thing that’s missing is great content that is optimized for maximum ranking on search engines.

Let’s take a closer look at how you can identify powerful keywords that not only suit your topic or web page, but also lead to unprecedented ranking results.

1. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is possibly the most used SEO tools when it comes to keyword research. One of the reasons for its popularity is that it’s free. This is certainly attractive to startups and part-time bloggers.

All you need is an AdWords account and you are ready to start searching. The best feature Google Keyword Planner offers is that it provides you with data via the largest search engine in the world. What better way to rank high on Google SERPs than to get your keywords directly from the largest search engine in the world.

2. Moz Keyword Explorer

Moz Keyword Tool is one of the most influential SEO tools online. It gives you the monthly search volume of a keyword, how difficult it may be to rank for it, and the keyword opportunity that may exist if you decide to use it.

You can also find relative CTR for organic SERP, the importance a keyword is for your unique campaign, and other keyword suggestions you may not have thought of. Sadly, the Moz keyword tool only allows you two free searches until you are routed to opt in for a membership.

One of the best combinations for keyword research is to use Google Keyword Planner to compile a list of potential keywords, and then cross checking them with Moz Keyword Explorer.

3. SECockpit for Niche Marketers and SEOs

SECockpit is one of the best SEO tools for niche marketers. It is not solely for keyword research either. You can easily use this online tool to improve your ranking and site planning as well.

This SEO tool also has built in Google Suggest, as well as Amazon and YouTube suggest, which is great depending on where you plan to optimize your content, video, or product.

4. LongTailPro for LSI Keywords

The importance of long-tail keywords, or LSI keywords is becoming increasingly important for SEOs. LongTailPro is a cloud-based software SEO tool that will help you find them. And you need to find them, because long-tail keywords are very strong factors in your search engine ranking so you better keep that in mind while getting in the zone.

This online tool is great for niche and micro-niche sites with real time filtering, metrics, and you can even calculate keyword profitability. This platform also serves up a competitor check, allowing you to pick the perfect keywords for your desired searches.

5. Infinite Suggest Keyword Suggestions

Infinite Suggest is a great SEO tool that you can use for keyword research. It delivers primary keywords while suggesting secondary and long-tail keywords as well.

You simply search the keyword you have in mind, and you will get hundreds of suggestions. Then if you want more detailed information for any keyword, you click “view keyword” and it directs you to SEMrush for a more in-depth look.

6. SEMrush Keyword Tool

SEMrush is quite possibly the most popular of all SEO tools, used by both novice bloggers and industry leading SEOs and marketers. It is certainly not your run of the mill keyword research tool.

This popular online platform can analyze the keywords your site is ranking for, as well as your competitors. Simply enter your URL to get started.

You can find short-tail keywords, long-tail keywords, and target the ones you want in order to outrank your competitors. You can also get SERP reports, Adsense CPC, traffic data, and more.

What’s Your Top Keyword Tool for SEO?

These are only a few keyword research tools among many, but a few of the best to implement into your keyword research strategy. Knowing what SEO tools are right for you, whether you are a beginner SEO or novice, will allow you and your business to grow, and be successful in your niche. What’s your favorite keyword tool?