How To Gain Value From Shared Web Hosting Services

BY IN Uncategorized, 17.04.2019

In an age where the commercial environment is dictated by the supremacy of a company’s online presence, websites have become a must-have which has consequently resulted in the unavoidable necessity of hosting services. The challenge for many business owners and entrepreneurs who run small to mid-sized enterprises is the high costs that have for long been associated with hosting. This has always resulted in a lot of challenges as on the one hand, no futuristic business can sacrifice on their online presence and on the other hand, is the need to operate within a budget.

It is never easy finding a balance between these two contradicting elements as the goal is for the enterprise to gain maximum value from hosting services while keeping their costs at a minimum. The general market rule is that you get what you pay for and higher costs are always the link to better services or products. However, this is not the defining rule for when you opt for managed shared hosting services which have revolutionized the industry. Primarily, shared hosting works by providing multiple websites with a single server from where they are hosted through the sharing of resources. This has over time resulted in a lot of problems as most servers typically host thousands of sites which provide more than enough room for failure.

In the midst of the sea of challenges is where the fully managed shared hosting comes to the rescue of users who do not yet require a dedicated server or have money to embrace cloud hosting. A simple re-invention of how shared hosting works has been the ultimate solution to minimizing all the weak points that have long been associated with the services. Instead of bundling thousands of websites and letting them compete for limited resources, an advanced technique has been to allocate dedicated resources to each site but under a single server.

The use of this simple technique transforms what has always been presented in a bad light to the market to be a viable solution which all business can take advantage of without negatively affecting their budgets. This is because by having dedicated resources exclusive to your website provides a solid cover which will guarantee maximum performance and an impressive uptime which is not affected by other factors. All the provisions are solidified by the 24-hour availability of a team of specialists who are ever at hand to address all concerns and ensure your business never has to be offline.

Several other premium features make managed shared hosting a viable option with the most critical factors being the automated cloud backup storage, free SSL certificates, and unlimited bandwidth. The cloud storage provides the ultimate reliability needed as there is the assurance that in case of any disaster, valuable data can quickly be deployed.  The free SSL certificates offer the required protection which every website needs at a time when hackers are always looking for ways to disrupt different platforms. Finally, the unlimited bandwidth ensures you do not have to get held back with the technicalities of tracking bandwidth making the hosting solution entirely hands-free and oriented for your satisfaction.