5 Must-Haves for Your Business Website

BY IN Uncategorized, 13.06.2018

Even though social media remains an addiction for many, your business should also have a website as part of its digital marketing plan. Many people believe that they don’t need a website as long as they have a Facebook page, but this isn’t true. When you harness the power of both a website and active social media presence, you reach more current and potential customers. You also say you’re legit, which is crucial in today’s cynical market. Here are five absolutes critical to your website design.

1. Clean Overall Design

A cluttered website is unprofessional. When it’s time to consider your website’s overall appearance, think clean, simple, and fresh. You don’t have to search software development jobs candidate pools to hire a professional to design to your website. You can do it yourself with online tools that provide templates that look as if you paid millions. Your design should be easy on the eyes and translate well overall screen sizes. Remember, people search more on their handheld devices these days.

2. SEO and Backlinks

Search engines love SEO (search engine optimization) and quality backlinks, so use them in numbers. Make certain you optimize all aspects of your website. Don’t to use photo and video titles and descriptions with keywords to get you to the front page of search results. Use page titles and meta descriptions, too. You should also have links to quality sites and backlinks from them. This all works together to establish your online credibility.
You can always get a SEO consultant to help you out with this.

3. Easy Navigation

A cluttered website is also frustrating. If a visitor cannot find what he or she is looking for under 15 seconds, he or she will click away. When building your website, make certain your users can navigate through the pages with the simple click of a mouse button or tap of a finger. Everything should be linked to the home page, and visitors should see immediately how to get to your product and then to your checkout page quickly and easily.

4. Aesthetics That Attract

This doesn’t mean you should have a list of links and nothing on your home page. People are visual, and they want lots of pictures and videos to attract them to your website and keep them there. In fact, people will look for videos in their search results, so make certain you have plenty of it. Reading is a thing of the past apparently, so make sure you build a site that uses plenty of visual aesthetics to lure people in and keep them on your pages longer.

5. Social Media Interaction

Despite the discussion above, social media is important. You want to use it in tandem with your website to engage people and keep them passionate about your brand. Your website design should link people to your social media pages on all pages, and they should see the click-through option right away. This isn’t a one-way street. You should also link visitors to your website from your social media platforms, too. Think of it as a highway that goes in both directions.

You need a website that works for you not against. Make certain your design is crisp, user-friendly, and optimizes your chances to hit the front page in search results. Keep it current, too!