Bring Your Website Design on a Whole New Level by Following These Simple Steps

BY IN Uncategorized, 17.08.2017

Why Is It So Important to Be Open to Your Audience?

One of the most important things to keep in mind when you create your personal website is that this website will be your personal and business card to the world. Your website is the first impact people have when they visit it and it is up to you what you want their first impression to be.


Comparably, it is the same mechanism when you invite people to your house and become the host of the evening, by making a tour of the house and pointing to certain things you want your friends to notice; whether there is an expensive vase or a nice painting, you make sure to include everything you want your friends to see and which would make them believe certain things about you.


How to do find the perfect balance between the website you have imagined you’d have and the one that will be successful for your business, in short – how can you improve your website and make it more relevant? Follow these simple steps:

Become your potential customer

Make sure to always have in mind your ultimate goal: get your followers turn into your real customers. However, in order to make that happen, you need to put yourself into the shoes of your potential customer.

For example, if you would enter your website of selling cupcakes, what would you expect to find there? Details about what the cupcakes are made of, probably some nice ideas of presentation, information about delivery, how to order and what is needed, maybe a page where you can see some feedback or reviews from your existent customers, which should be like the review of casino and finally, any other detail regarding details about the store, if you work offline, and so on.


Analyze your audience and what they do when they enter your website

Leading a successful website means that you also need to be friends with numbers which can show to you the status of your business, the journey your customer has on your website and where to act if you see that something doesn’t work out as expected.


The most important and simple way of finding out if your website is relevant to your audience is to check the bounce rate value in your analytics report. If this value is high, this means that people enter and leave your site immediately, which can be viewed as the content on your website is not relevant enough and you should act on it.

Let someone else browse on your website

It might sound like something done by a novice, however asking for another person’s feedback can be really helpful. It has to be someone who hasn’t been involved in the process of making your website and is a simple spectator.

You might find out that you might have been overthinking when you were building the perfect scenario for your audience to discover your website and that they actually need something simpler or that you might have overlooked some very important steps when someone is visiting your website.


The perfect example for this is forgetting to include on your website a form of E-mail Opt-In, maybe because you didn’t think it was necessary or you have it already on the page, but it is not visible enough. Either way, having feedback from others is essential in improving your website.