5 Things to Check Before Your Website Goes Live

BY IN Uncategorized, 14.04.2017

A website, whether used for business or your personal use, is a representation of you. It also makes the first impression to all of the visitors who come to the site, so it’s important to “wow” them right away.


When you use a web site builder to create your own site, you have a lot of freedom and complete control, customizing the website just the way you want it to look. While it’s exciting to anticipate the launch of your new site, there are some things you should not overlook.

Here are some things to double check before your site goes live:

1.  Spelling and Grammar

How many times have you visited a website that looked nice and was easy to use, only to be distracted by poor spelling and grammar? While many of your site’s visitors may not think twice about properly punctuation and A+ spelling, your mistakes can be an eyesore.

Even if you consider yourself to be a wordsmith, have someone proofread or use one of the free spelling and grammar tools that are on the Internet.

2. Relevant Content

A good website benefits from having some eye-catching images or attention-grabbing text. As the creator of your own site, you have the liberty to be “quirky” and creative, but make sure the content is relevant to your business. If the content isn’t clear or even remotely representative of what you sell, offer, or do, your visitors may not have the patience or care to figure you out.

3. SEO Friendly

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is something you shouldn’t overlook before having your site go live. You don’t need to be completely tech savvy to make your site SEO friendly, and many web builders will assist you with the process.

What’s the purpose of SEO? In short, it’s using the right links and words to increase traffic to your page. Not only are you likely to get more visitors, but the visitors are the type you want.

4. Contact Information

You may create a stunning, website full of great information but if you forget to add contact information, your website is missing an essential piece. Think about your audience and how they may prefer to contact you. A phone number, an email address, and even a few social media accounts will cater to a diverse audience.

5. Mobile Compatibility

A few years ago, you could have gotten away with having a website that worked so-so on a smartphone or tablet, but if your site only works on a PC (or vice versa, on a mobile device), you are losing a valuable, potential clientele.

Your website should work effortlessly on desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

Second Opinions and Fine Tuning

When you’re getting ready to launch your website, consider double checking all the things we mentioned and get second opinions. Ask a few people, with a variety of tech skills, to navigate your site. Ask them what works and what could use improving. Anything seem confusing or unnecessary? Taking a little extra time to fine tune your site will make it a success when it goes live.