Page Authority And Domain Authority – Why Are They Important?

BY IN Uncategorized, 23.02.2017

Before looking at the reasons why you need to understand your site’s Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA), it would be wise to begin by defining the two terms. According to, Domain Authority is actually that score developed by Moz (on a 100-point scale) which helps to predict a site’s performance in search engines.

In most cases, domain authority is applied as a comparative measure of a site to another. The metric is estimated by putting together the entire lot of link metrics including total number of links, linking root domains, MozTrust and MozRank among others into one score. In order to calculate domain authority, we use machine learning technique versus Google’s algorithms to perfectly determine the mode by which results in search engines are attained. The estimate involves more than 40 signals. Considering this, domain authority score of any given site is bound to fluctuate. And it is for this very reason that domain authority is used as a measure to compare a site’s performance against others, in the stead of the traditional comparison mode of using your SEO efforts.
On the other hand, Page Authority is also a score created by Moz (on 100-point scale) and is used to envisage how best a given page is going to be ranked in search engines. It is an off data based from the Mozscape web indexing and comprises total link count, MozTrust and MozRank among other many influential factors. Just like domain authority, page authority employs the machine learning mode to figure out a measure that idyllically compares ranking of a site with regard to the search results being forecasted up on.

As opposed to domain authority, which looks into the projecting ranking of the entire site, page authority is more concerned with one particular page of the site.

Now that you have a clue on what the two terms stand for and how important they are, it is high time you visited us at to learn more. The reason why you must understand your site’s PA and DA is that you will be able to tell if a page on or the entire site is doing well in search engine compared to your competitors. Thus, by simply enhancing your site’s domain authority gradually, you will be on the right track to improving its ranking on Google over time.

There are actually a number of ways you can use to improve the domain authority of your site. One important thing to note is that domain authority metric depends entirely on backlinks directing to your site. Hence, if you want to improve your site’s domain authority you will need to find links from those sites whose domain authorities are already high.

You may also consider the related ranking factors; thus, any given factor that is closely related to higher ranking in search engines is likely to bear an effect on the domain authority of a given site. Though not directly, your site’s offline or on-page SEO marketing efforts may indirectly influence its DA. As such, there exist numerous positive effects of having a fairly high Domain Authority. In this case, if your site enjoys a good search engine visibility, then you can rest assured of a huge traffic flow resulting to more publicity and brand promotion and ultimately, boosting the possibilities of getting more social media network shares and high quality backlinks in return.

Yes, as you may have realized, backlinks are great domain authority influencers and thus, once you are set to go, you can sit back and watch your site gain momentum each and every day. Given that Domain Authority and Page Authority are hard to manipulate attributing to the numerous metrics included in their calculation, you will definitely find them very ideal when it comes to predicting the exact position of your site in search engine indexes.