5 Mistakes That Could Jeopardise Your Online Marketing Strategy

BY IN Uncategorized, 16.11.2016

Many a times, online marketers tend to commit grievous SEO mistakes oblivious of the results. This article, therefore, highlights some of these mistakes, their effects and how to avoid them. In any given business the most important thing is the outcome. In this case, you will need to minimize the costs in order to maximize profit.


At https://www.linksmanagement.com/free_seo_reports/ we have carefully looked at some of these mistakes and why you need to avoid them if you want to be a successful online marketer.

1. Focusing on likes rather than links

There is no way your social strategies can succeed without integrating SEO objectives into them. SEO is vital in reinforcing your social network plan.  It isn’t actually the shares, likes and retweets that will boost your ranking on Google, but the links. Thus, you will need to get top rated bloggers to connect to your website if you want to succeed in your social operations.

2. Content misplacement

In order for any quality content to attract a big number of links to your website, it must be appropriately placed. Thus, it must be put where the links will directly lead to your main site and not via an intermediate site containing more links to other people’s sites.

Rather than placing your links to your site on platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn or tweeter, it would better if you placed them on your own site.

3. Not targeting the correct audience

Although it can sometimes be challenging, you will need to ensure that your content marketing strategy is directed at the right audience.  What you need to understand is that your main audience are not your customers, but the internet influencers with authority on Google.

In this case, if you want to optimize your site’s online presence, then you need to focus on influential and trusted sites that can backlink to your site. Hence, concentrating on developing content for your buyers is not an idyllic way of improving your sites ranking on Google.

4. Basing on your activities

Most SEO experts focus mostly on what they do. Thus, since they believe this their best activity, they will always want it to feature on their to-do list. Well, https://www.linksmanagement.com/free_seo_reports/ provides a challenge to this kind of perception. As such, it is likely that some of the things on your to-do list are not worth being there and must be done away with because they won’t add value to your online marketing strategy.

Items such as Meta descriptions fall in this category. Since they have no impact on your Google ranking, you need not give them the first priority. The best way would then be to focus most on the results by developing an objective that incorporates each of your team member’s goals and methodically working towards their achievement.

Once you have achieved your anticipated goal, you can now identify a new one other than focusing on what is listed as your to-dos.

  1. Receiving no assistance from a power user

The best covert weapon for a link builder is a power user including social media aficionados, celebrities who command a big following on social networks, bloggers or journalists.  Power users are critically vital when it comes to game-changing. However, you do not necessarily to keep them all. Having one in your arsenal is enough.

As it were, getting a power user may not be that easy but once you have found one, you can be assured of the badly needed support to propel your site to the next level. Considering that there is actually nothing free here, you must be prepared to give back either in terms of favours or cash. You may check with your social media or SEO specialist for a power user in case you find it hard on your own.