5 Typical Uses for the Joomla Content Management System

BY IN Uncategorized, 29.09.2015

Joomla is one the most popular content management systems in the world, used by over 20 million sites. Its popularity means it has many things to offer. However, there are five main functions of Joomla that website owners should know about.



Many people create websites to promote their businesses and keep in touch with their clients. In this type of economy, business returns are highly appreciated. Joomla allows users to incorporate ads and affiliates into their websites simply by selecting the code and pasting it in their Joomla websites.

Users can place banner ads on their websites for additional revenue. Banner ads enable you to make money based on the number of times the banner ads on your website are clicked. Advertisers place the ads on your website automatically, and you get income if your website gets sufficient traffic.

Conversely, users can pay sites to place banner ads for their businesses on other people’s associated sites. This is how the banner ads in the sidebar of search engines are determined, and users can pre-pay for ads to appear on other sites. The more you pay, the more frequently your ad will appear on linked sites.

Lately, banner advertising on Joomla has changed. Search engine marketing has become more sophisticated with new methods that allow marketers to target their banner ads by location or demographics, which is a great way to get value for your money.

The benefit for businesses is that rather than have their banner ad appear on sites all over the world, they can target their banner ads to prospective clients in specific zip codes and to individuals who normally show an interest in their products and services. Targeting clients based on their geographic location is especially successful with the growth of mobile devices with web surfing features.

Page Editing

Installing an extension to your Joomla website can add various features to the original editor such as background color, fonts, improved multimedia management and many more. This allows you to style your text through the text editor itself.

With a user-friendly module or plug-in, you can add several monetary features to your website ranging from simple calculators and stock quotes to currency converters and credit calculators. Joomla plug-ins make it easy to create online shopping portals or auction sites. You can create an online shopping website where users can trade products, auction items on the Internet and accept donations from other users.

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Mobile Joomla

You may often need to edit your website on the go. Joomla offers various extensions that allow you to edit your website on your phone while on the go. Another convenient use of mobile Joomla is it helps users find information regarding the area around them. For example, users might want to locate the nearest restaurant or bar and mobile Joomla could tell them using the site’s search function. You could then get recommendations and find a map.

Most phones are equipped with Global Positioning System (GPS), which uses satellites to find the phone’s user and provide information based on their locations. This means the information users obtain using mobile Joomla can be tailored for them and is therefore more useful for their specific needs.

Social Networking and Communication

A good number of business owners these days use social media to publish their ideas and to bring in new visitors to their sites. With so many Internet users on social networking sites, Joomla makes engaging with users on social media much easier. In particular, Joomla allows website owners to share the information on their websites on social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram among others.

Joomla hosting enables business owners to incorporate social networking on their websites, which helps to attract more users. Many business owners often want their websites to be in touch with customers and users for feedback or assistance if required. Your Joomla installation can provide nearly every type of communication like live chat, forums, live support, video conferencing and many more.


The most essential part of any website or business is feedback; business owners often need to obtain users’ feedback to improve their product or service quality. Joomla hosting enables business owners to obtain feedback from clients through surveys and polls. All these features can be integrated into your Joomla installation.