Want To Create A Job Board? Try WPJobBoard

BY IN Uncategorized, 2.07.2014

Although there are many methods to make money from your blog, here I will be focusing on job boards.

A job board is something that you should consider using on your website as it is a win-win for everybody involved.

The publisher of the job gets a large audience who is going to see his ad. You, the blogger, are going to earn some money out of it. There are bloggers who charge money from the publishers, there are those who charge money from the job applicants and then there are those who do both. And finally – the job applicant could be able to find a job through the board. Everybody profits. What can be cooler than that?

job board

So if you run a WordPress site and are looking for a way to create a job board on it, we recommend WPJobBoard plugin to do that.

This is an all new smart plugin or a job board software that will get your job board up and running within no time. Below I discuss some of the important features of this plugin.

Easy to use

You don’t need to be an expert coder or programmer to use this plugin. It is designed in such a way that anyone can understand and use it. In fact if you are running a WordPress site and you are able to operate WordPress’s dashboard, you will find no difficulty in using the plugin.
This plugin comes with a one click install. You can install it on a new blog or an already existing blog too.

WordPress compatible

You would say of course it must be compatible with WordPress. But here’s the point. The job board script for this plugin is written in such a way that it is compatible with any kind of WordPress theme under the sun.

This means WPJobBoard will work fine with the free default WordPress themes provided officially by WordPress and it will also work equally fine with the paid or free third party themes designed for WordPress.


Custom form editor

This plugin lets you automate the process of job postings by publishers and applying for the jobs by applicants. You can upload the forms on the site and then let both parties do the remaining work for themselves.

The custom form editor allows you to customize the forms as per your requirements. You can go with the default forms provided by WPJobBoard or you can tweak them as much as you want. You can add or remove any entries easily and without any hassle.

Quick support

WPJobBoard offers support to its users by offering 40 pages of exhaustive data on the commonly known issues and frequently asked questions. You can surf through these pages to find the answers you are seeking.

If that’s not enough for you, or in case you are unable to find the answer to your question, you can send them an email and they will reply within 24 hours.

Regular updates

Regular updates for plugins are necessary for two main reasons.

One – If the plugin is not frequently updated, then it may get out of sync with WordPress because WordPress keeps updating its system every now and then.

Two – Technologies keep on changing and newer features keep on getting added. A plugin needs to stay in step with these changes or else soon it will become obsolete.
WPJobBoard understands these notions well and hence it is updated frequently.

Go and check it out. I am sure you won’t be disappointed.