Useful Tips for Creating a Pet and Veterinary Website

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World wide web has long ago become a place to look for services and share common interests with community. If you are a pet lover or run a veterinary clinic offering services to pet owners an online presence for your business can be a great tool to reach potential clients.
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What Can Do to Help

Creating a pet website surely seems daunting for a vet with no special knowledge in website building and designing. Well, is here to help. We created a wide variety of pet web templates that are ready-to-use. You do not need any technical knowledge or coding skills to run a website with our templates, you’ll just need to do a few simple things to create a veterinary website of your dreams. Here is how.

Offer Solutions to Real Problems Your Visitors May Face

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The first thing you should know about creating a successful pet website – you must offer valuable content to your visitors. People do not search for websites, they search for solutions to their problems. Surely, being a vet or a seasoned pet owner, you know the most common issues pet owners face in real life. Offer solutions to these problems and your visitors will return for more.

SEO is Not to Be Forgotten

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the number one thing you need to remember when creating a website. Using a set of keywords specific to your niche when creating content for your site allows Google and other search engines to show your website to people who are looking for these terms, thus giving you a better visibility online and providing you with more prospective clients. Ranking high in search engines means more visitors, which means more clients and more money for your business. SEO comes hand in hand with content. That’s why we stress again – give your visitors valuable information. Do not overuse technical terms, be conversational, offer a helpful hand to your customers. This way you will build trust and motivate people to become loyal customers, recommending your services to friends and family.

Simplicity in Design is the Way to Go

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Building trust is not easy, but it’s necessary if you want your business to succeed. One way to gain trust is to keep it simple and professional. Do not use too many colors in your pet website design, choose 2 colors that will effectively communicate your business’s vision. The website colors should be the ones you use in your brand representation (logos, interiors of your clinic etc.), they are to set you apart among competitors, make you recognizable. At the same time, the colors need to be neutral, do not scare your prospective clients away with too bright colors.
Another thing to consider here is the use of multimedia, use it only in the places where it’s necessary. People do not trust too bright websites with tons of blinking flash elements and videos.

Easy Navigation is a Must


Surely you want your visitors to have a pleasant experience with your pet website. One way to achieve this is to make sure they can easily find the information they are looking for and give them user-friendly, transparent navigation. If you run a veterinary clinic and offer different services to a varied types of animals make sure to have pages for each animal type and make them clearly visible in the navigation menu. Do not forget about search bar, put is somewhere people can easily find it.

Add Images

Showing your website visitors what it is you do in your practice/clinic is a good idea. Take pictures of your veterinary and equipment, show happy pet owners and cute animals you treat. Make sure there are no off-putting images showing the intricacies of the procedures though.

Email Newsletter Signup

A newsletter is a good way to give your customers regular updates and in the meantime creating an email list for marketing purposes. Do not overuse this option though, too frequent emails and too many promotional messages will annoy your subscribers.

Choose a Template from

With more and more people going online in search of information on taking care of and raising animals a pet and veterinary website is a great tool for marketing and visibility purposes. With the huge selection of pet web templates we offer creating a veterinary website has never been easier.




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