Be Different by Using the Present Trends When Creating Your Photo Portfolio

BY IN Uncategorized, 11.06.2014

Significant developments have made communication very easy, instantaneous and cheap. Businesses are gradually becoming more aware of the importance of web presence in today’s market but in an effort to keep up with the competition, companies still rely on mimicry in their attempt to reach the same level of success achieved by bigger companies. There are common and popular trends in web design and it is the awareness and understanding of these trends that can make a website a runaway success. If you are building a photo business the tips below will help.

photo portfolio

Present Trends in Website Design

• Minimalism

Images are critical elements of a photography website design. The web developer has to anticipate the audience who will be looking at the photographs instead of just adding content. In order to ensure that the layout will be eye-catching, images must be presented in an attractive manner with an easy navigation. If you succeed in drawing people’s attention to the images, it can increase your conversion rate. A great way of presenting a portfolio is through minimalism that emphasizes simplicity while doing away with superfluous designs.


Another trend for website design is the use of HTML5, the fifth revision of the basic markup language used to create websites. This version of HTML allows support for many types of multimedia while focusing on viewer’s readability. If you want to achieve credible web presence and increase the potential of ranking high in search engine results, this is the language you have to use.

• Innovative Layouts

Layout sets the aesthetics of your website. An innovative layout gives the user a different experience, but do not let creativity get in the way of usability. For a photography website, it is important to determine what photographs will take center stage. In order to provide a personal touch, most photographers choose the scrapbook-style of displaying images. People expect photography websites to feature exemplary work of the photographer and if these images are given focus, they can gain the attention of visitors who might want to book the services in the future.

• Photoblogs

Photoblog is the predominant use of photographs instead of text which is essential to the success of a photography website. Photoblogs on specific photo blogging sites like Tumblr, Flickr and Instagram allows interaction with potential customers since it is a more accessible medium. The social functionality of these sharing sites helps to build a large audience that will boost SEO ratings. However, it is always important to monitor your blog and learn what people like or not, so that you can adjust your content accordingly as this will definitely affect your website’s traffic.

• Beautiful Typography

More and more web designers are realizing the importance of beautiful typography instead of plain text. Web designers are experiencing more freedom to be creative with their designs through website templates where they get to pick the typeface that best represents their vision. There are many great examples where typography has helped to create a good experience for users even before they have read a single word. Typography establishes the personality of a website. It can make a page appear unique since it breaks away from the classic typeface that is being used in a wide range of websites. Be different to set yourself ahead of the competition.