123rf – the Best Photo Library

BY IN Uncategorized, 3.04.2013

A designer and a photographer are the most popular professions today. Both of them attract hipsters, free love, imagination and inspiration. Both of them deal with graphical materials – images, illustrations, photos etc.

This spring is a perfect time to start your own project. That’s why today I want to show one more way to earn some money for designers and photographers. This way is called “123rf.com”.

This cool and user friendly royalty-free photo library will bring you some stunning ideas for work, awesome stuff to deal with and cool opportunities to earn some extra money. Surprised?

Let’s get the ball rolling. First of all…what kind of materials you can find on 123rf? Photos, videos, footages, audios, logos and so on… Moreover, as a newbie web designer you can find a huge list of Photoshop tutorials here! It is so easy to create some stunning effect nowadays! Just scroll down and follow the tutorial step by step.

Also here at 123rf, you’ll find different FREE images for your own usage. It is very cool, because you can use this free stuff in your work. For example, you want to create some lovely photo manipulation with a girl and angel wings…where you can find photos that you need? Of course, at 123rf!

Decided to start your own business? Check 123rf’s partnership propositions to be sure that you can easily earn some commissions from it. There are three ways: you can work as a contributor of photos, you can refer buyers and you can refer contributors.

The first variant is cool for photographers. Upload your own photos and earn commissions when a Buyer downloads your content. If you are an owner of some photography or inspiration related blog, you can use second and third variant for additional income. Just add some affiliate link or badge to your website and help 123rf find contributors and buyers.

If you are a designer, you need some graphic materials for your work every day. But you haven’t a lot of free time to waste for searching. That’s why 123rf is the best solution for every creative person! The only thing you should do is to choose a plan that works for you and enjoy stunning, practical stock photos at the most affordable price.

As for me, the most interesting part is 123rf’s categories! Its amount is really huge! For instance, you decided to create a website in a retro or vintage style. Go to the Vintage category and you’ll find lots of retro textures, illustrations, icons, cards, photos and the list goes on and on! With so much material, you can easily find inspiration and design a lovely website, I’m sure!

The Backgrounds and Textures categories are very useful for designers too. How often you have tried to find a cool texture for your design? How often you spend your precious time and nerves in fruitless searches? Now you have a solution – 123rf!

To conclude about the categories section, I want to ask you one question. What is the most popular topic on the Internet? Yep! it is cats and kittens. That’s why you should visit the Cat’s category on 123rf 🙂

As you see, 123rf offers many opportunities for you as a content buyer or contributor. Moreover, this resource is totally international! It is available in over 15 languages! You can use a Quad-core Asus transformer tablet for an easy preview of your latest web template.
Don’t miss your chance to earn with 123rf!