Web Hosting Services that offer Free Access to WordPress, Templates, and other CMS (Content Management System)

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There is usually an increased demand by business owners to diversify their reach and inherently obtain more on the publicity of their products. This desire leads to the introduction of a refined strategy aimed at achieving the goal. Creation of a website is one of the policies introduced. This website creation ensures that geographical barriers and lack of exposure bridge get erased in the most efficient manner possible. However, it is quite disheartening that this strategy breeds an increase in cost and maintenance.

To avoid this increasing cost that might arise from the website creation and management, many entrepreneurs result in using free web hosting services, templates and other content management systems. Web Hosting Services allows both individuals and organisations to post their websites on the internet. A web host, therefore, provides the necessary technology and services that aid the maintenance and visibility of the sites or web pages on the internet. Rather than offer visible effects to client’s websites, web hosting service providers also provide in-house technicians that will ensure the 24/7 running of the clients’ websites. The significant advantage of this is that sites could get created at little or no cost. The creation may require little or no expertise at all during the setting up process.

Most people think that working with free hosts is a waste of time. However, these free hosts offer precisely or even more services like paid ones. For instance, WordPress.com through platforms on WordPress, give premium plans and is mobile-friendly. It is also very much comfortable to utilise as both mobile and desktop apps are available on the WordPress platform. It is essential to know that there are slight differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org. One of the significant differences between is that WordPress.com takes care of all the housing tasks while WordPress.org does not. Therefore, there is a need to check and find more about Namecheap as they offer free CMS services for web creation.

000Webhost is another free hosting service on WordPress platform that provides instant activation without any cost. 10X hosting also allows free access to WordPress as it offers flexible web hosting and user-friendly tools for hosting. Other open web hosting service providers are Weebly.com, bracelet.com,Awardspace,Freehostic.com,FreeWebHostingArea.com, amongst others.

Things to Consider in Choosing a Free Web Hosting Service

There exist quite a few web hosting services such as Name cheap, which helps to make website creation timely and straightforward. The service also costs little or no cost. Hence, there is a need to take note of some existing items that needed in the selection of free web hosting services:

  1. Domain Name

Before selecting the free web hosting services one wants to use, there is the need to understand the pattern of the domain name offered. While some free web hosting services allows one to connect a custom domain name to their hosting server; For example, Roniahoot.com. On the other hand, others allow using a sub-domain name like Roniahoot.wordpress.com.

  1. Storage Spaces

Storage spaces offered by free web hosting servers range from as low as 300mbto as large as 10gb or unlimited. These spaces are dependent on web hosting services. While a blog or other static website can do quite well on a 500mb storage space hosting, another site that would require quite a lot of content in pictures and videos would do well on such storage spaces.

  1. Templates

Developing a website, especially as a novice requires the use of models and other plugins. This development helps to determine the outlook of the website. As significant as templates are, one has to be carefully select the one that fits in perfectly with the intending website. Some free web hosting services allow one to upload as many custom templates as one can get. They also offer a library to their resources while others only allow the use of presets established.

  1. Website Management

Free web hosting services allow one to manage the website directly. They also come up with different control panels. Some enable one to freely distribute the site through desktop versions of the control panel. On the other hand, WordPress has a mobile app mainly to allow effortless and efficient management of the website and its contents.

  1. SSL Certificate

In website creation and hosting, either free or paid, there is always a quest to attain security of information. Therefore, before ascertaining the free web hosting service to use, the area or box of security has to be checked. Some free web hosting services assures one of a free SSL certificate stating how secured they are and with other protection is not guaranteed.

  1. Hosting Servers

Different web hosting services provide various web hosting server ranging from a shared server to as modern as a cloud-based server.

Asides the cost-efficient advantage of free web hosting services that give access to WordPress, they also offer quite several other benefits. Some of which is the familiarity with website design and development, easy access to families, non- profit organisations, brands, amongst others as well as the ability for organisations and individuals to share web contents.