Modern Website Design Trends That Are More Popular Than Ever

BY IN Uncategorized, 7.11.2018

Modern website design is not something that is easy to understand. Professionals keep learning every single day. Web design trends constantly appear and disappear. From time to time there are trends that stick though. Being aware of modern website design trends helps deliver much better end products so you may want to be aware of the following.

3D Animation

Technology is more advanced than ever. We can now use 3D animation that is capable of capturing the attention of the viewer. It also makes it a lot easier to hold viewer attention. This can work for some businesses but not for all. For instance, if you are designing sites for plumbing professionals Melbourne, utilizing 3D animation is usually not a good idea. People would see this as not being professional.

Make sure that you only use 3D animation when it is appropriate. Also, such animation works really well when there is a lot of information that has to be delivered and using an image is simply not enough.

Virtual Reality Videos

What we thought as being just a dream some time ago is now closer than ever. Just think about VR video and you quickly figure out that this is the case. All content that reveals services and products can make a business more visible. Virtual reality can help web designers stand out of the crowd. Such media can often be used and makes web design a lot more attractive.

Mood For Port

When a visitor accesses your website he/she already has some expectations. Modern web design is all about meeting such expectations. Every single designer that is aware of modern trends now thinks about how colors impact the mood of the viewer. However, modern technology allows us to go further and actually change website colors based on visitor desires.

Expressive Typography

Nowadays, typography is more important than ever. What you choose needs to reflect what you want and has to lead towards catering to the needs of the customer. You practically want to pick appropriate components and then combine them with proper design language.

In the past we had really poor font support and screens were not retina. This was when sans-serif was the best possible choice for the websites. In modern times we need to go way beyond that. It is possible to use many different typefaces and utilize fonts in a way that was only imagined in the past.

UX Composing

It is really important that you think about your website’s objective. It is simply not enough to redesign or create a brand new site when you do what everyone else does. Designers have to recognize goals sites should accomplish.

UX composing is really important in 2018. It is capable of boosting revenue and saving much web page space. Just make sure that you stick to fundamentals. This helps you to so easily end up with a web design that reaches the intended goals without visitors figuring out that this is the case. After all, any website needs to have a purpose in order to be really good.