Mistakes to Avoid in Your Business Website

BY IN Uncategorized, 12.07.2018

Since online presence is vital for all types of business organizations and companies in this competitive business environment, a poorly designed website having a lot of web designing mistakes can be harmful to your business. A successful business website is among the key tools for modern businesses and plays a vital role in making your business easy to find over the web by building your brand, attracting new customers and most importantly retaining those who are already buying from you. But mistakes in your business website not only give your users a headache but can also harm your overall online reputation. In this article, I am about to uncover common mistakes to avoid in your business website not only to make it professional enough to beat the competitors but to increase brand recognition as well.

Complicated website structure

The major purpose of your business website is to convey new users or potential customers that who you are while giving your existing clients the ease that you are exactly what they think about you. Complicated website structure is one of the common mistakes to avoid in business website in order to make it appealing and easy to use for users. Evade anything too fancy in your website and make it simple yet appealing. According to the research, a landing page or website only has 3 seconds to have an impact on user and grab the attention. If your website fails to do so, the user will click away for another best option.

Too much text

Users are impatient & busy in these days and don’t want to have to go through the lengthy articles and paragraphs for finding the suggestions or solution they want.  That is the reason; you should avoid too much text in your business website. However, you can make it appealing for the users by writing content in tiny paragraphs, by using headings, subheadings and high quality images where fits. Your content should also be scan-able for the ease of users to find the desired information quickly.

Outdated business information

If there are outdated business information and details on your website, chances of losing a lot of new customers are always higher. Old business information not only hurts your customers but can also have a direct effect on search engine ranking. So always remember to update information on your website whenever you use a new business email or phone number to enhance customer support.  So, avoid the mistake of using out-dates business information and your users will definitely appreciate your effort.

Lack of call to action

Successfully landed users on your business website is huge success for you. But what exactly you want them to do later? What action you want them to take? Do you want them to make purchase, subscribe for the newsletter or simply want them to complete a contact us form? Let them know about that via user friendly and easy to use call to actions. For example, if you are offering the best preventive maintenance software solution on your maintenance business website, there must be an appealing call to action in order to let the users know how they can acquire it. By doing so, you are actually turning them into your regular visitors or customers by offering them a visible and easy to follow next level of interaction.

Slow loading web pages

A new search engine visitor on your website will surely bounce away from your website if it will take more than 3 seconds to load properly. There is no patient in users nowadays due to availability of many other options they can choose from. So, you have to make your website load faster than ever to make users stay more on your business website. Resizing images without losing image quality, removal or unnecessary plugins and buying a dedicated hosting plan are some best tips to make your business website load faster on browsers.

Ignoring mobile optimization

Nowadays, people are glued to their mobile devices whether they are in office, at home or travelling for campus and you are making the worst mistake if ignoring the mobile optimization for your business website. People usually search for the desired stuff on mobiles and if a website doesn’t support mobile devices, they simply ignore and move ahead for a better choice. That’s why; your business website design should be responsive and fast loading on mobile devices to get a big amount of visitors daily. It should be configured to load quickly and display the contents appropriately on the screens of all sizes.

Not having a blog

Informative, engaging and problem solving content is a great marketing tool to attract more new visitors as well as to bring the existing users back on your business website. And you can do it efficiently by having a blog for your business website. By writing appealing and high quality blog posts you can help your users to get things on right track and can aid them to resolve the issues they might have when using your product or service. As a maintenance management company, you can educate your visitors or customers about risk based maintenance in a best possible way by writing the quality content with appealing titles.

Using poor quality images

Apart from the classy website design, enhanced navigation and engaging content if the quality of the images used on your website is poor, it can have a bad impact on website visitors. And a user may not come back to you if it was his/her first introduction to your business via your business website. This is why experts always suggest use of the high quality images on business websites to make the overall appearance alluring. There are a lot of best stock photos sites on the internet that offer royalty free images and photos that can be used for all types of websites and blogs.