What Makes a Website Builder More Powerful?

BY IN Uncategorized, 5.03.2018

When it comes to building websites, website builders can be quite a fast as well as convenient along with a cheap way to make your online presence. Website builders have so many characteristics and features which make them an ideal choice for small business owners, entrepreneurs etc. It is a quite a known and accepted fact that website builders are among the best alternative to hiring a professional web designer to make a website for your business. Let’s have a look at what are the features which make a website builder more powerful.

  1. The first one is that a website builder allows you to change the look as well as the feel of the website. You can easily change colours, change the layout, upload your own logo or even choose a different theme template as per your choice. You can customize as per your liking with different images.
  2. Another key feature is that a website builder can easily produce responsive layouts. Along with this, it creates a website with pages that load quickly on smart devices such as mobile phones. A responsive design can look quite an attractive one since one-size fits the all, the pages are generally large and slow to load on mobiles. Website builders provide you with a plethora of responsive designs which are best for mobile phones.
  3. A website builder helps in making a website with a simple feature of Click to Call which is quite a useful function. A good website builder supports this feature, which allows your mobile phone visitors to easily and simply click on the phone number of your business to place a call without any hassle.
  4. A good website builder allows you to put the ability to add Google or any other map with the location of your business. You can easily pick the point on the map and easily input the address directly. It also makes use of the GPS functionality of the mobile phones to generate directions from the current location of the visitor to your business.
  5. Another powerful feature of a website builder is forms and contact. It allows you to generate simple contact form which allows the visitors to leave a message when they visit your website. Along with this, most of the good website builders provide the ability to build a generic form which has different fields as well as field-types as per your requirement. Online website creator also comes with this feature that allows you to add any type of form of your choosing.
  6. When it comes to the visual appeal of a website, images play a key role. A set of images are generally displayed in galleries. A website builder allows you to upload, resize as well as crop images. It also allows you to group images together as well as rearrange in the gallery. It makes the gallery versatile which works well on mobile, desktop and tablet displays. You are offered with a choice of different layouts for the galleries as grids and lists.
  7. This feature is an additional one which makes website builder a great choice since it allows you to upload videos and create galleries of them. Often, video galleries are not widely required as image galleries, but some of the users love to have them. Some of the best website builders can easily pull in videos from Vimeo and YouTube.
  8. It is imperative that you should have the capability to administer your website from your mobile. There are several times when you are out, and you have to update and fix something on your website. This powerful feature is an essential one especially when you don’t have any access to a desktop computer. A good website builder has mobile-optimized administration panel which allows you to make desired updates.
  9. Another powerful feature of website builder is the social media integration. A website builder can make it quite easy to pull in all of your social networks feeds especially the ones from popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

When it comes to Facebook, it allows you to pull in a particular Facebook page or feed and in case of Twitter is allows the pull in tweets from the timeline of the user or from a particular hashtag that you have specified. In case of Instagram, it can pull in image feed of the user.

  1. A website builder makes it possible to add various social media sharing buttons to particular pages of the website of your business so that it allows you to maximize the sharing of pages as well as posts. By adding social media buttons, you can remove the existing barrier between your website and social media platforms, and allow the users or the visitors to share a link to the page on your website.
  2. In case you wish to monetize your website or blog through ads, website builder is quite capable with their ad platform integration. It allows you to input any third-party platform credentials for different providers like Google AdSense.
  3. A website builder has the most impactful effect on the traffic on your website through organic search by helping in Search Engine Optimization which is a method that assists your website to rank higher search engine results pages. A good website builder produces pages which are SEO-friendly that helps a lot in driving traffic to your website. It provides you different tools such as meta keywords support, sitemap generation, webmaster tools integration etc.
  4. Web analytics allow you to keep a tab and track on daily visitors and assists you in determining which pages are the most popular one on your website and which one needs to be improved. A website builder provides powerful analytics tools which help in growing and adapting the website according to requirements of the audience. A good website builder also provides you with the ability to integrate third-party analytics solutions like Google Analytics etc.


A website builder has numerous advantages and varied features which make it the best option to create a website, and it is quite powerful. Many website builders are laced with few of the most advanced features which help you in developing an alluring and fully functional website for your business. The above-mentioned features prove that a website builder is quite powerful in delivering the best-in-class, sophisticated and premium website as per needs and requirements of your business.