The Best Website Builders

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In as much as you want your businesses and services widely known to the world – you will surely need a website that will depict exactly what you provide. Internet is one of the greatest revolutions that had taken the world by storm as it creates the opportunity for users to share information with other people anywhere in the world. There are different types of websites for different purposes and each site has to reflect the goal it wants to achieve and it can either be for personal or organization or small business.

Do you need a perfect website that says everything about you and your services? There are easy online website builders that will enable you create a full featured and mobile friendly websites for free or at low prices. You can get any of the best website builders by simply checking their details and comparing them to each other. However, an outstanding online site builder should possess quality features that will make it easy to build a decent and presentable webpage. In the recent time, WordPress and Wix are among the best website builders that are popular among internet users and by looking at their details and features – they are simply the perfect tools to create befitting online website for everything you want to do.

WordPress Website Builder

WordPress came into existence in 2003 as a self-styled blogging tool that wanted to improve the internet presence of many users. It later developed into a full content management system platform with thousands of plug-ins, themes and widgets available to users. As one of the largest and the best website builders in the world, tens of millions internet users land on WordPress every day and it is used on millions of websites to build and launch quality platforms. You can use WordPress for almost anything and its powerful and flexible features will enable you have a site that clearly depict your business or personality.

Who Should Use WordPress

Generally, WordPress is the most popular and one of the best website builders in the world and some of the biggest websites are built using this system. However, it also enables small businesses to build a nice and high performing webpage while organizations and those planning personal blogs are welcome to take advantage of its powerful, flexible and simple tools.

It is also the best website building solution for those who want to stat a website for their businesses or personal purposes but do not want to hire a website developer. The drag and drop user-interface will allow you complete DIY (Do It Yourself) task which gives you a total control on everything related to your website. Is English not your major language? No worries – WordPress has a perfect user-friendly interface that allows you to choose from dozens of languages available to users.

Though WordPress site builder software is free but can only be used with a domain name from a web hosting site which will cost you few bucks. Finally, it can be used by everyone who wants a unique website for their businesses and blogs while you will enjoy its customizable, powerful and flexible features to create a site that stands out among others.

Selection of various WordPress corporate themes will show you all the advantages of WordPress pre-designs.

Wix Website Builder

Wix is a popular website builder many people considered as the best alternative to WordPress.  This powerful system unites beauty and advanced tech to build a website that is unique and stunning.  It is easy to use a completely free and uses the artificial design intelligence to build a site to do everything you need. The layouts, themes, images, texts and lots more, are available in quantum to add value to your website and the numbers of users continue to grow daily. Hundreds of millions people in over 180 countries use Wix and these include people from different types of professions such as business, online store owners, bloggers, musicians and event planers.

Why Use Wix?

Wix is one of the leading cloud based website builders in the world with millions of users putting their trust in its efficiency. This platform makes it simple for everyone to create a beautiful and professional site without having skills in coding and creative. It is 100% free and equipped with hundreds of features and apps for every type of site. Some of the advantages of using Wix include getting access to create a stunning website, secure hosting, email marketing, online store, seo tools and custom domains.

Wix Premium Plan

Wix offers yearly premium plan to save you more money and get access to additional benefits that include removing Wix ads and connecting your personal domain to your site. Get Wix promo code or discount codes at It also enables you get premium supports and store up to 10GB with unlimited bandwidth. And while Wix is not the cheapest website builder around today – it probably has one of the most amazing offers that will add value to your website. With 5 different premium plans currently available to users covering everything you need to build exceptional site – this platform will remain one of the best website builders in existence.

As the world is moving closely with the internet and nearly all businesses, big or small, as well as services needs this technology to get important information across to their existing and potential customers –there will definitely be an increase for perfect websites. You may find it difficult to decide on which website builder is best for you but with little research and comparisons, you can select from the best website builders available to you.

Most of these platforms are completely free to use and purely drag & drop website builders. There are hundreds of beautiful designs to choose from and you will get phone and email support. Nearly all the website builders have easy and flexible features that will enable you create a site that clearly represents your online presence and sends the message to your prospective customers or fans. And while WordPress and Wix are leading the pack – there are other great website building platforms on the net that also focus on quality, support and community.