8 Myths About Digital Marketing You Should Know

BY IN Uncategorized, 11.10.2017

It’s the new frontier in marketing. If you can’t impact clients on the digital marketing platforms you’re losing out on a lot of business. The use of digital platforms increases every year. Your current and potential clients give more of their attention to these platforms than last year. How can you benefit from their patronage if you don’t engage with them? Unfortunately the development of digital marketing resulted in myths. The result is you may approach digital marketing wrong.


Let’s clarify a few myths so you can become a more dynamic digital marketer and survive future developments.

  1. SEO is Overrated

No. SEO must be your best friend in this business.

Best friends know each other. They know how the other thinks almost to the point of predicting actions. Do you know what search engines think about you?

A large part of digital marketing is dependent on your rating in online searches. This is how new customers find out about you.

Despite other digital platforms, certain people still prefer using search engines. What if your website isn’t mentioned in the first few items on a search list? People who love search engines may never hear about you.

SEO is still the only way you can win in this part of the game. What’s your rating?

  1. The Best Price Will Win

You think your ecommerce site will work because your products are the cheapest.

I’m sorry to break it to you, but you’ve got it all wrong.

Online shopping is all about having easy access to variety. When your website and digital marketing posts mention excellent prices people may be tempted. At the same time they will ask other questions:

–       How quick can it be delivered?

–       What types are available?

–       Can I pay with my credit card?

–       What other options are available?

Any one of these questions can prompt customers to visit your competitor’s website. They will commit to a purchase when all their requirements are met.

You must be better in ALL departments to beat the competition.

  1. High Traffic Equals Success

You don’t want high numbers of people visiting your website or Facebook page. What you want is a high number of conversions.

A conversion can be:

–       Someone signing up for a news letter

–       Someone submitting personal information to help you study your audience

–       Someone making a purchase

If your website visitors aren’t doing one of these their browsing doesn’t mean anything. It means you must work on your marketing’s call to actions.

  1. Emails are Pointless

New digital marketing avenues pop up all the time. Some think it’s important to stay with the times. They believe you should engage with every new medium and let go of old school ways.

What if your business is perfect for email marketing? Your unique target audience may prefer an email rather than a tweet. If you’re serving a conservative or senior audience your clients may not even use new digital marketing tools.

You can lose impact if you change your digital marketing too drastically. Make sure which mediums your audience prefer and use accordingly.

  1. All You Need is a Website

The epitome of digital marketing is not achieved when you launch your new website. You must see it as part of a whole and the first step of a process.

Connect all Platforms

Are you aware of the range of digital marketing platforms available? If your target audience uses these platforms you must engage there too. Are you present on:

–       Facebook

–       Twitter

–       Instagram

They can be as dynamic as your website. This especially applies if your target audience members prefer scrolling news feeds rather than browsing websites.

All the different parts should work together for optimum efficiency.

Your social media activity must engage customers and direct them to your website to close deals. If you don’t do this you miss out on many potential sales.

Keep Evolving Your Website

Your website requires ongoing attention. If you don’t constantly work at it you’ve wasted money creating it in the first place.

This is because:

–       Search engines look for websites that have new, high quality content. If your website remains stagnant, search engines assume it’s out of date. Search engines are designed to offer users the best possible information. If your website isn’t on par it will simply be ignored.

–       You must keep your website up to date to draw the benefits of developing technology. New widgets make your website more user friendly. New payment methods make ecommerce sites more inviting.

  1. Digital Marketing is Irrelevant to Your Niche

Digital platforms are usually filled with exciting features, images and videos.

Do you feel your product is too boring or irrelevant to sell online?

You don’t have to seem exciting. You forget that your current customers support you for specific reasons. You simply need to focus on these solutions your products offer.

If those solutions are important to your current customers it will be valuable to others as well.

They may be searching online for your service right now. Will they find you?

  1. Digital Marketing Only Reaches Younger Generations

Did you know that online dating is as popular among young adults as 50-somethings?

This is simply one result of the digital age’s large impact on society. Digital marketing is now relevant to almost any generation. You can’t assume only young generations will take note of digital marketing. If your product is meant for older people you better engage with them on digital channels.

Older generations use Facebook to connect with their families while younger generations try to make new friends. Both groups are present on the platform and very attentive.

Are you using this opportunity to grasp their attention and market your product?

  1. Online Criticism will Kill You

You may think it’s risky to market your goods online because criticism will be seen publically. You can hide written complaints in your store but how do you hide comments on Facebook?

You don’t have to.

Comments—even negative ones—give you opportunities to showcase your excellent customer service. Your replies can be viewed by other clients. They now know you don’t ignore customers’ questions. That’s the type of vendor anyone wants to do business with.