What Makes Context Marketing More Effective and More Desirable Than Content Marketing

BY IN Uncategorized, 3.08.2017

Content marketing can be a mere educational piece of marketing strategy while context marketing goes beyond that. Context marketing is gaining more ground because today’s consumers seem to receive too many content messages that do not relate to them, and they are receiving such messages at the wrong time. Context marketing can therefore be referred to as the art of delivering the ideal content to the right consumer and at the right time.


Context marketing goes beyond mere contents – benefit number one

Content marketing only delivers educational information that are useful for general or wider audiences, hence less consideration are made from the context. Context marketing on the other hand makes use of literal meanings to the texts hence consumers or readers will understand the specificity of a product and how the product or service will impact their lives positively.

It is hard to ignore context marketing

In 1970s, an average consumer is exposed to about 500 content marketing per day, today, an average consumer is exposed to as much as 5000 content messages. This explains why most consumers ignore content messages. This problem has provided an avenue for marketing strategies to become sharper and more direct in order to avoid being ignored by targeted audiences. As more consumers are bombarded with thousands of content marketing messages, they are continuously disconnecting themselves from organizations that send such messages.

Damning statistics have shown that roughly 70% of consumers are unfollowing brands especially on social media, while 55% are deleting apps because of the push notifications they receive. All these statistics have shown that consumers don’t trust content marketing ads.  The benefit of context marketing in this regard is that people want to interact with brands when there are no campaigns involved, and that is one of the benefits of context marketing over content marketing. You can learn more about content marketing on the following link: https://www.b2bnn.com/category/content-marketing/

Context marketing delivers the right content to the right prospect

One of the benefits of context marketing is that it generates the right content, and the right content is the one that talks to the personas of the consumers. Context marketing takes good care of all those nuances, emotions and desires of the consumers. When your content is personalized for consumers, it will get more attention and they will likely follow up on it. Content marketing is more generalized and may be overlooked or ignored easily.

In content marketing people or consumers only connect with marketers they know especially when such marketers take care of their lifestyles, and needs. Context marketing allows marketers to go deeper, hence they don’t just connect with consumers, they engage with them in order to influence their decisions.

Context marketing delivers at the right time

It can be difficult to ascertain when to engage a consumer with content marketing. With context marketing on the other hand, you can arrest the attention of consumers at the point they are mostly interested in the message you are passing across.

Context marketing relies on social media strategies for instance to drive its brand campaigns to the right consumers. One of the main focus of context marketing is to focus on creating a dialogue an interaction with consumers through digital means, during and after the consumers have purchased their products , and there is no better time to send a context marketing campaign than when a consumer is right there using your product or services. You can get more information on this by following this link: https://www.magenet.com/magenet-services/

If you want to increase sales significantly for your products and services today, you can’t do without contextual marketing in your ads.