How Website Proposal Template PowerPoint Presentations Can Dramatically Increase Your Business

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So you have finally decided the look and feel of your website. You have walked through your development team through all the initial design and coding phases, brainstormed mockups, tried and tested wireframes and even got a nice looking logo. Here comes the scary part: you now have to present your website project proposal to the higher management, CMOs, executives, non-tech managers, and most importantly, the client.


Effectively presenting website proposals to clients and management is the key when it comes to performance, efficiency and achieving monetary milestones. Perhaps the biggest challenge in business communication is the unexplainable chasm between technical and non-technical people.

Presenting a website proposal or a web design project to higher managements is a daunting task. But thankfully, presentation templates have made the task much easier for presenters using Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides. You can find hundreds of quality website proposal template slides using which you can painlessly and professionally present web development and web design projects to your team, or to anyone in the world.

The Web Design and Development Process

Web design and development can be described as a process, which spans through a number of stages. From requirement gathering to planning and actual development, website development and design requires a planned, synergy-based effort at different levels for success. Planning is perhaps the most important phase of website development process when it comes to overall business goals.

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However, design and implementation is the key. Design and development are under constant evolution amid swiftly changing technology. Now we have disruptive technologies and concepts like mobile-first, atomic design techniques. Clients now prefer dynamics color palette and interactive web objects to keep visitors engaged.

Cost analysis is another key part of client interaction in web developments projects. It’s very difficult for web development teams to clearly identify and articulate costs-benefit analysts. You can’t tell your clients hourly rates and total costs verbally. You could use web design templates for presenting a detailed cost analysis. Here is a simple table presented by a web development company to Stanford University for a website redesign proposal.



How Will You Explain the Technical Jargon to Your Clients?

Clients and management want to see websites in action. No one is interested in utopian, lifeless presentations these days. You’d drastically increase chances of your website proposal effectiveness if you could actually show different web objects and flow of pop-ups, interactive rollovers, fonts in your presentations. The closest to a working prototype, the better. All these complex technologies cannot be explained to general people or non-tech managers easily. That’s why it is often recommended to use web design concept templates and PowerPoint slides. PowerPoint templates for web design and development made by are some of the best templates you’ll find on the Internet.

My personal favorite isthis minimal web design concept PowerPoint slide. Another great web design presentation template is flat design icons website development template, which consists of beautifully designed, clean and professional slides with contrasting dark and colorful themes.

The flat design website presentation proposal template is best for startups and product launches.

02-website-template-design has some other attractive website wireframe PowerPoint templates. These templates are ideal for companies and individuals who want to effectively communicate and collaborate with different technical teams.

Using web proposal templates, you won’t need to spend an excessive amount of time on presentations and related formalities. There are built-in conceptual flow charts, storyboards, flowcharts, deliverable timelines and schedules in these templates. All you need to do is to just plug in the necessary data and text.

PowerPoint presentations have become a norm in the corporate world. It has evolved over the last decades (in 2017 PowerPoint turned 30 years). While its PC version remains available, Microsoft has also launched Office for different platforms, such as mobile devices, Office 365 or even a version of PowerPoint Online is available.

Studies suggest that people spend a lot of their time in creating presentations, fixing slide aesthetics and adding objects to presentations instead of doing real work. The best solution to save time and effort in this realm is to use website proposal templates for PowerPoint presentations.  These templates will infuse professionalism in your work, and make client interaction easier and seamless. These website proposal templates are proven to dramatically increase chances of bringing in tangible benefits for businesses.