5 Tips to Help Optimize Your Website

BY IN Uncategorized, 4.07.2017

Search engine optimisation is so important in our digital age, where every business is online and we are all competing for that coveted top spot on Google page one. SEO is a particular skill and is defined by many different elements that combine to allow your business to become a powerhouse online, able to be found by people looking for precisely the goods and services that you offer. The following tips have been tried and tested by CEO Ben Austin who has years of experience when it comes to helping businesses from all over the UK attain significant results when it comes to successful website optimisation. Here are his 5 most powerful and easily implemented tips that every business can benefit from knowing…


Split your website into layers
Successfully optimising your website involves being able to see the multiple parts that make it up and work on each element to boost its effectiveness in generating leads from customers. If you think of your website as a cake you will be better equipped at breaking down what areas need to be addressed so that you can improve each segment. Paid search, social media and links are the icing on the cake. The content and CSM are the infrastructure. Working on each element separately will allow your ‘cake’ to be not only appealing but taste good too- so your website will be functional but also attractive and work in the best possible way to attract consumers!
Understand search engines look for
In order for your page to rank on google you will need to be aware of what it and other search engines are looking for. Google is cleverly able to assess what the user is looking for and match what the user is looking for with your business. Thus, relevancy is important. Google will assess content, performance, authority and user experience so be sure to explore how these can be improved.
Understand what they are not looking for
Search engines are becoming more advanced and difficult to trick which is why it is important that you do not use tricks and dodgy tactics that would have worked in the past such as stuffing keywords, poor user experience and purchased links. Avoid these if you are looking for long term success with your business.
Multi-channel optimisation
While you should look at optimising your website, it is also worthwhile to extend this to other off-site platforms so that you are able to achieve multi-channel optimisation. Multi-channel platforms include Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Email and offline ads, for example.
Focus on Meta Data
Any content on your website should have title tags and Meta descriptions which are helpful when it comes to improving user experience and improving the quality of formatting. Similarly Meta data needs to be unique and offer unique page descriptions.

Following best practices and keeping SEO a focus when working your website and multi-channel platforms will truly help your business flourish in the sea of other websites and businesses out there on the internet. Use our tips to maximise your revenue opportunities by being found in the field today!