7 Design Tips to Create the Perfect Logo

BY IN Basics of Web Design, 22.11.2016

Have you ever wondered why some logos capture the imagination, yet others fall flat? Look closely at the world’s most effective logos, and you’ll soon realize they all have crucial elements in common. The design team at Company Folders, an online printing company, has defined the 7 key ways you can make your next logo enthralling to your audience.


Be Enticing

It’s easy to jump into designing a logo when you have cool ideas about how you want it to look. But what you think looks good might not appeal to your target audience. Fantastic logos always meet their target audience’s needs, not just what the designer wanted.

Be Unique

A cliché logo is one of the quickest ways to ruin a brand. This is a rookie mistake that will cost you big time, because a cliché logo doesn’t stand out. If it doesn’t stand out, people won’t remember it and are less likely to purchase from you. Make your logo design different from any other in your industry, so it commands attention.

Be Timeless

Trends gain popularity because they look cool. Unfortunately, people have constantly changing ideas about what’s “cool” and what isn’t. A trendy logo may only be in style for a few months. That’s why you should build your logo on classic elements that can stand the test of time.

Be New

Creating a timeless logo doesn’t mean looking completely old school. You can use classic elements for the building blocks of your design, then add a modern twist to make it visually interesting. This way your logo connects viewers to your company’s past, present, and future—all in one tiny symbol.

Be Simple

When people see a logo, they’re usually not lingering on a large print version. They see small logos on websites and print materials, or they briefly glimpse logos on signs as they pass. These quick interactions make complicated logos hard to recognize and remember. You’ll have much more success if you streamline your logo to its simplest form, so your audience can recognize it in a hurry.

Be Consistent

A logo’s message is always affected by its design elements. You’ll want to pick designs that are consistent with the brand. For instance, a company that’s supposed to be edgy and innovative probably shouldn’t have a circular logo, which is a symbol of harmony. Here are some design elements to consider:

·      Symbols that reinforce your brand
·      Correctly balanced white space
·      Shape psychology
·      Fonts that convey emotions
·      Interesting use of negative space
·      Colors that reinforce your message

Be Adaptable

Your logo design isn’t complete until you’ve tested it in multiple situations. You’ll want to make sure it can scale to any size, so people can recognize it no matter where they see it. You’ll also want to test it in black and white; it should be readable in case it ends up in grayscale for any reason.

Remember, designing a logo isn’t just about what you think is cool. The best logos achieve these seven goals for their brands.