10 Reasons Why You Should Create a Blog

BY IN Uncategorized, 21.08.2015

Blogging is a word that almost everybody has heard of these days, but not everybody is familiar with what it is! Basically, a blog is a web page or even a website that a person or a group updates regularly. What is the big deal? There are so many websites out there, why add another that nobody would read. How wrong that view is!


Here are 10 reasons for starting that blog

Earn Money

Not in immediate future but in due course, it will fetch you something in proportion to the efforts you put in. That secondary income can supplement your retirement income, or be useful when you receive any pink slip. But how does it earn you money? The answer is traffic. The more traffic your website gets, the more will be your income because advertisers would want to advertise on your blog and that money, at least part of it ends in your bank.

The first step is to start a blog. For this, it is necessary to know how to create a blog. The process is simple and has become easier thanks to Tumblr, Weebly and WordPress.

Impress a Boss or a Person Interviewing You

Your blog is your thoughts out there in open. Your boss would definitely want to read it, and so would the person interviewing you for a job. If you have an impressive blog, you may get the job more easily when compared to others who do not have a blog.

You Can Find Better Employees

Prospective employees also check the blogs of their potential employers. If the views match, then the work will also move smoothly.

You Can Express Your Thinking in a Better Way

When people talk, they have to voice their thinking in real time and also think in real time. When people write, the process can be slower, and they have an opportunity to re-read what they write so that the view is expressed more lucidly. Over a period, such a way of expressing thoughts becomes a habit, and people learn to make haste slowly even in their regular conversation.

You Familiarize Yourself With Your Own Thinking and Opinions

Our individuality is lost amidst our loyalty to family, friends, colleagues, organization, political thinking, national pride, and many divisive ways. We accept what they say without questioning. Blogging sheds those barriers and prompts us to think many things differently. Effectively, we truly spend time thinking about the subject and come up with solutions, instead of blindly following what has been going on forever in our lives. You never know what good your thinking and opinion can do to the world.

It Increases Your Network

Networking helps to learn new things and prosper more with such learning. Networking also helps people get advice about many things such as health and investment. Networking can eventually contribute to finding new earning opportunities and contribute to being up to date with new methods and technologies. Of course, it goes without saying that networking increases the number of friends a person has, and such friends may also be from foreign lands.

You Can Advertise Your Products

You don’t need those expensive advertisements on television, flyers hidden in the newspapers, or ads in the newspaper. Those are expensive and not half as useful as this new method at your disposal. You can always share your website or web page address with whomsoever want to visit that page.

You Can Shape Your Brilliant Ideas

There may be some ideas in your mind. But you may not have managed to put all pieces of the jigsaw puzzle together because you did not write it down. Now, as you sit to write it down and are able to delete what you know will not work, and add what will, you realize that you had a brilliant idea which you did not share with anybody so far. Your writing skills acquired over a period increase the lucidity with which you can express such an idea.

Your Blog May Help Others

Like you glean from another person’s blog, somebody may learn from your blog. It is only fair that knowledge be shared and everybody be comforted.

You Keep the Negativity Away

Your mind is never idle, and you don’t get time to feel blue. You know you have better things to do than think about something inconsequential that is not going to be monetarily rewarding. You get a chance for honest venting of your feelings and get rid of negativity once and for all, instead of mulling over it over and over, and hurting others and being hurt in return. You will undoubtedly evolve as a person.

The advantages of blogging are truly enormous. But it takes the time to reach a higher number of “hits” as they call it. So just write a blog and enjoy its perks!