Slotomania Free Slots Review

BY IN Uncategorized, 31.03.2015

Slotomania offers an excellent way to improve reflexes and feel thrilled with the outcome. While this video slots app does not promise the wealth like Las Vegas gaming facilities, it will also not make anybody pauper. Considering that there are more losers than millionaires returning from Las Vegas, people would be better off indulging their gambling tendencies on online applications such as Slotomania. Las_Vegas_slot_machines

Why Slotomania is so interesting?

Users of Slotomania can choose to buy coins, and packages to play. But the amount they pay is negligible. Users can purchase a mini package for less than $2. Professional package would cost almost $20. 1650 coins would cost only $2 or so, but those who want more coins can opt for 52,500 coins, which will again cost them about $20. There are piggy banks and mega-bonus for re-spin as well. All these are virtual coins. For more experienced players, there are levels and the corresponding increase in winnings.

Most of the games here mimic the real life slot machines, with unique themes, graphics, and sounds to create the environment. Effectively, this slot machine application lets people experience how it is in real life playing environment. Not many people get a chance to visit Las Vegas in their lifetime, especially those who live outside the US. Slotomania is an opportunity for such people to experience what it is like with slot machines. Practicing on this simple application can also prepare people intending to visit Las Vegas sometime in their lifetime.

Many players prefer Slotomania as one of their favourite Free Video Slots Games, because it offers controls on the amount they spend on each spin. All that the user needs to do is press a button on their smartphone’s touch screen. There are not many slot machines apps offering similar feature. Players also choose how many rows.
Luck does play a significant role in any free slots playing endeavor, and Slotomania is no exception. Merely because it is virtual currency being used here, does not mean that the program will allow people to win. That would be the fastest way to bore people. People do lose interest in any game once they start winning it frequently.

The application is meticulously designed to prevent frauds, and ensure that the user gets fair share of slot game playing experience. Ample security features are incorporated in this online application, which is primarily developed for smartphone users.

This game from Playtika is periodically revised to add new gaming options or to improve existing ones. As of the date, there are almost 100 games within Slotomania. This means people do have a vast choice be it in terms of betting an amount, row numbers, duration of play, etc.
This game can also be used on social media sites like Facebook. Effectively, it is a social video slot machine.

Bottom Line

Notwithstanding the innumerable features and options, Slotomania does not use a lot of power. It also does not require a lot of memory for downloading. These may be the reasons for the popularity of this slot machines app, which can be downloaded from Playstore. Though Slotomania can be used on different devices, it is mainly designed for iPhone 5, iOS, iPad, and iPod touch. The version of iOS necessary to use this app is 5.1.1 or the later versions.