Best Web Design Boards on Pinterest for Your Inspiration

BY IN Uncategorized, 13.11.2014

Let’s get some inspiration today!
Working on a web design project is a creative process and as every creative process it requires a lot of inspiration. Unfortunately inspiration is not a constant, more often than not trivial things can make it go away.

So how do you get your inspiration back on track? There is a number of ways to do that, and most artists have their own ways. One of these ways is to constantly stay up to date with the trends and everyday fashion in your field. The way I do it – I follow relevant boards on Pinterest and check them out daily.
Web Design Boards on Pinterest

Pinterest is truly the best place to get visual inspiration. Yep, it is not only a tool for housewives to look for recipes and latest additions to Modcloth and Etsy.

Even as little as 15 minutes a day can have you inspired for that project you are struggling with and for more to come after it.
Plus if you create your own board and update it regularly with inspiring stuff of your own it can become a powerful marketing tool.
So check out the best web design boards I follow and look through every day. Who knows, you just might get inspired!

Web Design Tips & Tricks

Web Design Boards on Pinterest

This board is updated regularly and I am one of the contributors, so don’t be surprised when you see this post featured there as well. You’ll find a lot of useful articles and inspiring pictures here.


Web Design Boards on Pinterest

Typography is an important element of any design, and this board is all about that. Dozens of informative articles, free and premium fonts and simply beautiful pictures featuring creative use of type.

Professional Web Design

Web Design Boards on Pinterest

If you want some inspiration to create a contemporary, stylish layout this is the place to look!


Web Design Boards on Pinterest

At the time I’m writing this there’s almost 1700 awesome pins that won’t leave any designer uninspired.

Logo Designs

Web Design Boards on Pinterest

Logos are also an important part of every successful web design. If you need some ideas this is the place to go looking for them.

ux design website

Web Design Boards on Pinterest

There are literally thousands of clean, stylish, simply beautiful layouts here. You need to see them if you want to be up to date with what is considered an awesome web design these days.

So this is it for me. Do you follow any Pinterest boards related to web design? Want to share them with us below?