The Psychology of Color – Purple in Web Design

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We use color in web design not just because we think it looks nice. Color affects people’s thoughts, moods, and feelings, and that should be considered when you pick colors for your website template.
With the color purple, these feelings can be somewhat complicated. It’s not exactly a very common color is it? That’s part of its charm, but then again, it can also be a drawback.

Purple in Web Design

The Meaning of Purple

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Most people associate purple with royalty. There’s a certain majesty to it, and part of it is the fact that the color purple will definitely catch your attention. This is not a color you will forget even when you relegate it to the background. Use it for your background, and your background will become more important than what is on the foreground. It’s really that overwhelming. The effect is truly quite strong It is also quite feminine as well. It works great for women’s websites which doesn’t want to be obviously feminine in its appearance. That’s why many websites use it instead of pink. It is feminine, but it is not overly girly at all.

The lighter shade of purple will be much more feminine. For men, at best purple is somewhat metrosexual, a term which means “non-obvious masculinity.” The darker shades should be more appealing for men, but this is masculinity with an obvious hint of femininity. Think of the musician Prince, for instance. That guy’s preference for purple even resulted in a movie called Purple Rain. And whatever you can say about the guy, he’s not exactly the epitome of masculine aggressiveness.

Using Purple for Websites

Purple is a very unconventional color, which is why it is very easy to misuse it. You should only use of purple sparingly in your website template. As a solid background, there’s a very good chance that it will connote the vastness of space or the depths of the abyss, so be careful. That kind of endless space isn’t as comforting as when it’s symbolized by the color blue. But when used sparingly, it’s great. You can use it to highlight special sections on your webpage.

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Use it for your header, for example, and it can provide that elegant look without becoming overpowering. You can highlight certain words or use the color for important bits of graphics, so that you can direct the attention of your audience effectively. That purple is so different can then be used for effect. Suffice it to say that the more purple color you use, the more unconventional your website will look like. It’s not exactly a very comforting color, as its very unfamiliarity can be unsettling. People are simply not used to seeing it on a regular basis. Think about it: aside from the eggplant, grapes, and other similar fruits, how many items can you name that is naturally purple in color?

The fact that you can think of an answer right away is an indication of how strange this color is. But with lighter shades, you can project a somewhat calm demeanor. It can be as somber as gray, black, or brown, but there’s a certain energy to purple that’s undeniable. Somehow it feels more alive, and also in a way, demanding. It’s like an especially rare sunrise or sunset, which can invigorate as well as surprise you in its intensity.

Appealing to Purple Lovers

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You can also use lots of purple if that’s the favourite color of your customers and website visitors. Here are the typical characteristics of purple lovers and see if they match up with your customer profile:

• People who love purple are gentle and sensitive, which fits well with the feminine stereotypes. This is not the color chosen by the overly macho and ultra-aggressive. If your clientele consists of men who are extremely confident in their masculinity or who may have some feminine traits, then this is the perfect shade to use. For women website visitors, the lighter the shade of the purple, the more feminine it looks.

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• Purple lovers are creative and imaginative, and they don’t mind being unconventional. In fact, they don’t really want to blend in with the crowd. They want to stand out, and that’s probably why they gravitate towards purple in the first place. In a world where blue, green, and red are very common favourites, purple is seen as truly different.

• People who favour purple are also much more idealistic, and sometimes they’re not so practical and realistic. After all, in the real world purple isn’t much used at all. It’s also not a very practical color at all. As you can see, there’s more than a touch of royalty in the personality of people who love purple. It’s the same thing with the websites that use purple as the dominant color. It’s like the website is saying that it’s not only different – it’s better.

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