10 Best Websites to Get Free Web Design Resources

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Web designers who have been in the business for quite some time have their own trade secrets. If you look close enough, you will find these secrets whispering to you in each designer’s work. It seems like they always use the perfect font, the most suitable icon, and the sharpest photos.
As an amateur or a budding designer, you wonder if these new age artists have the time and the financial means to be able to come up with such a diverse collection of web designs. If you are thinking of hacking a web artist’s computer just to copy their collection, it will be a total waste of time. You will not find what you are looking for because everything is on the internet, and best of all, you can access the resources for free.
Below are 10 of our favourite websites with free pictures, icons and fonts. In that exact order.
Free Web Design Resources
You should know very well that you cannot lift images from Google and use it on your webpage. A lawsuit is something you do not want early in your career. However, what you can do is to visit websites that offers free images. Check out these four resources that will more than fill your desire for high-quality and creative photos.

New Old Stock

Free Web Design Resources
Give your website that retro vibe and jive with similar minded users by featuring awesome old school photos. Aside from creative shots, New Old Stock also features posters and documents from the past. Each photo is free from known copyright restrictions so copy as much as you would like.


Free Web Design Resources
High-resolution images that were creatively captured is something a web designer never gets tired of. In Unsplash, your browser might crash from the seemingly endless collection of quality photos that you can download and use without paying a single dime.


Free Web Design Resources
Imagine a professional photographer braving the elements to capture stunning images of Earth’s natural beauty just to give them back to the world for free. Folkert Gorter, owner of the site, is a gift from above as he offers amazing biological, geological, and aerial photographs. You can use any photo you like, and the only thing that he asks for in return is due credit.


Free Web Design Resources
If you need creative photos with a kick of humor, site owner Ryan McGuire will not hesitate to present his high-quality pictures for your personal and commercial use. Of course, every photo is free of charge.

A picture is worth a thousand words and an icon is but a miniature version. If you do not want parts of your website cluttered with words that netizens with short attention span will not bother to read, unearth icons from the massive collections of
these three websites:


Free Web Design Resources
If you need beautiful designs to develop your portfolio, the website offers 340,000 icons, justifying the company’s claim of hosting the largest collection of premium icons in the world. Many of their products are free but if you want to support the artists, look for icons that are for sale.


Free Web Design Resources
You will never run out of symbols to use browsing this website’s massive collection of 25,000 icons. With people always on the go these days, you are sure to express your message in one look through the available symbols and icons.


Free Web Design Resources
When you need something delightful and easy on the eyes, Pixels Daily has a collection of free icons under Creative Commons Attribution license. You can do whatever you want with the icon as long as you credit the website for the original design.

When photos can no longer express your ideas, words will always do the trick. Take advantage of the treasures hosted in these sites and have fun in displaying digitized characters.

Font Squirrel

Free Web Design Resources
Searching the net for fonts that suit your taste can be tedious. Unappealing ones are always free while those that captivate your attention need your credit card number. At Font Squirrel, you can choose from their diverse selection and use it for personal or commercial purposes 100 percent free.

Font Space

Free Web Design Resources
The website has its own search engine to help you leaf through its huge collection of 24,063 fonts. Upon landing at FontSpace, you are greeted by a banner touting how you have just found the best place to download of free fonts. If you invest a few minutes of your time browsing their offerings, you will realize that the claim is well-supported.


Free Web Design Resources
This open source website gives you free fonts you can use. This site helps designers like you choose the best font for your next project. It’s easy to pick fonts on TypeWolf because the site displays the fonts exactly as they’re shown on websites.

In the web design business, you need to have a collection of resources that does not ask you to pull out your wallet every time you need to access content. These 10 resources above will provide you with countless web designs so stop browsing and get those creative juices flowing.