What to Keep in Mind when Choosing a Website Template

BY IN Uncategorized, 26.06.2014

Web presence is critical for a business considering the growing trend for online presence for businesses. If you sell something or provide services, maintain an educational institution or have a law firm, even if you run a charity – having a website is a huge plus for your business.

Consider the ease of access to internet these days as well and the number of devices people use to do it. Your audience is there, thus if your business still has no website, then you are missing on a lot of opportunities.


Now, the question is whether you know how to build a website. It is surely a challenge to come up with a website design but with the good number of templates available online, you needn’t have programming or coding skills to build a website that will grab the attention of your target audience.

On the other hand – how do you choose in the sea of available ready-to-use web templates the one that will suit your business and appeal to your audience? Find out below.

The Importance of Color

People will always have a special preference of color. Very often, they make gut decisions based on a favourite color which they assume to bring good luck. For example, red has always been the favourite color of the majority while others would lean towards black that means power and sexuality. You will notice that most websites that cater to male customers make use of black against a lighter background to make a strong impact.

Website templates make it easy to change colors according to your preference since absolutely all of them are fully customizable.

There is also a plethora of features you can expect from templates that include: menu module, news widget, HTML widget, rich content block, advanced contact form, media player widget, music player etc etc etc.

Other features that you can expect include the ease of editing the website through the admin panel, lifetime license to use the template and free technical support as well as free software updates.

Responsive Design

As I mentioned previously there is a huge amount of devices people use to access internet nowadays. You have to keep that in mind when choosing a web template. Surely you’d want your business website to look good and function properly on any smartphone as well as on a desktop and tablet? Well, responsive templates are made for this very purpose. Consider bootstrap templates here, they are most popular responsive templates for a reason.

The Importance of Browser Compatibility

All your efforts will be in vain if the potential customer cannot access the website using some browser you even haven’t heard of. Believe me there are not only Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox out there. In fact – there are dozens of browsers currently existing and people do use them all! Thus it makes perfect sense to check compatibility by downloading the browser and testing them out on your website. Thankfully, you do not need to do it yourself – our developers check all the templates for browser compatibility.

Here are some examples of perfectly designed web templates for different purposes. Go on, choose the category that suits your business and get your website in a couple clicks.

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