What to Consider when Building an Education Website

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The internet has become a powerful communication tool. When an individual requires information, the best source is usually the internet which makes a website an indispensable component of any business, particularly for an educational institution. For schools, having an education website allows them an online presence and a marvellous public relations tool that will appeal to students. However, without a clear goal, the website might not achieve the purpose for which it was developed. We would also recommend you to view the education WordPress themes in case you need a website building solutions.

education website

Define your Goals and Vision

It is important to customize the website according to your target audience. If the goal is to provide tuition services for a younger group of students, the website should appeal to both children and their parents with a proper balance of trendy features and serious content that will emphasize the schools goals and visions. Use images wisely and consider those that will be appealing to younger children. If the goal of the school is to provide for higher learning for college students, post graduates and doctorate degrees; make sure that website design will lean more on the serious side.

Focus on Content

education website

A prospective student should easily find the significant details regarding the institution and the courses being offered. It won’t hurt to focus on the curriculum and the teaching staff. After all, prospective students will be interested to know those people who will be providing them with the knowledge they seek. Navigation should be quick and efficient which means keeping animated graphics to a minimum so that pages will load quickly. Ensure that you provide downloadable enrollment forms with the necessary instructions. This makes enrollment more convenient since prospective students need not go to the school simply for the purpose of getting the necessary forms.

Color Scheme for Education Websites


It is very likely that the school has brochures and newsletters which should complement the website design. Since the goal of education websites is to encourage people towards the value of education and how they will gain sufficient knowledge when they enroll in your school, make sure to choose neutral colors like green, blue, white and brown. You need to obtain people’s trust and confidence in your school and these colors are proven effective in achieving those goals.

Add Variety through the Use of Media Elements

Prospective students will always have high expectations from your school. Satisfy their curiosity by adding some videos on training or you can add photographs of the school campus, buildings, classrooms and other elements that they would be interested in. People appreciate chat features since there will always be a lot of questions that need to be answered. It is not easy building trust but it can be gained if you provide the right answers. This means that you are exerting enough effort on sharing valuable information they need before eventually making the decision to enroll in your school.

Make Use of Education Templates


Creating an education website is challenging but there are templates that are up-to-date and make the process of creating a good design as easy as possible. It is easy to work with them and create an education website in no time.

Responsive JavaScript Animated Template

education website

Joomla Template

education website

JavaScript Based Template

education website

WordPress Template

education website

HTML5 JSAnimated Template

education website



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