Ecommerce: Tips for Converting Users into Paying Customers

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What’s the point in having an online store if nobody purchases from you? The entire goal of having an E-commerce website is for selling products. Chances are that you have probably shopped online and noticed some trends -some similarities between successful online stores. We are writing this article to let you know there is help! Below you will find some of the best practices for E-commerce sites that you should use.

There is a big difference between trying to sell online and actually doing it.

Skip the Registration Process

If you want a successful online store than you want the checkout process as straightforward and easy as possible for your customers. The less time it takes for customers to register on your website the more time they will have to actually browse through (and buy) your products. Making your customers experience on your website should be a top priority.

You may screaming right now saying how you want to capture those customer’s email address and how important it is -and you would be right. Timing is the key here. Instead of being up in your customer’s face about getting their contact information before they ever purchase; do it after they hit the buy button! Studies show that allowing your shoppers to create and account after purchasing can positively affect your profits and signups.

Make Your Searchbar User Friendly

Now more than ever users don’t want to wait for information. We are in an instant gratification frame of
mind -and so are your buyers! Instead of forcing your users to browse through category after category to find what they are looking for, incorporate a searchbar.


Learn a lesson from websites like Amazon and Overstock. The searchbar on both of these sites is incorporated directly into the design of the website. That wasn’t by accident! These giants know that
users want to spend less time browsing and more time getting straight to the product they want.

Security Should be Priority

Have you heard on the news about companies like Sony and Target being attacked by hackers? How scary it is for customers to put in their credit card information onto an account online and it be vulnerable -thus making them vulnerable. It just isn’t right.

Customers should feel comfortable in knowing that purchasing from your website is safe. Make sure you follow security procedures in ensuring your E-commerce site is safe. We strongly recommend installing a trust certificate from HackerSafe or Verisign -and let your customers know! They will thank you.

Think About Navigation Bar Placement

Don’t be so gung-ho on selling products that you don’t think about the basics. One of the highest reasons why many E-commerce aren’t successful is because their conversion rates are so low. Study successful E-commerce websites to see how they lay out their navigation. Think about positioning, whether you use a vertical or horizontal navigation, colors, etc. Don’t just mimic other companies though -look to see if you can improve on their design!

Your Turn

We really hope you enjoyed this article about designing a high-converting E-commerce website. Hopefully you incorporate some of these suggestions into your design and make bank! Don’t forget -it’s all about your shoppers experience!

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