How to Start as a Web Designer

BY IN Uncategorized, 29.03.2013

I’m sure you know that every time you start doing something you should make some efforts.

For example, you want to learn to ride a bike. The first thing you should do is to buy a bike, yep? Then you’ll want to buy some bicycle accessories, cycling wear and so on. Moreover, you’ll spend a lot of time learning…

It is no matter what you want to do, first of all, you should spend some time to learn the subject, you should spend some money to buy stuff and so on…It means that you’ll spend your money first, and only then you’ll be able to ride a bike.

The same thing with design. If you decided to become a designer, you should… look at the list above. Design process is rather interesting and a little bit complicated. Before your design skills bring you some income, you will have to work a lot.

And, of course, you need to spend some money in the very beginning. For what? – to buy a licensed version of Photoshop, for starters…

I bet it is a very unpleasant moment that you should spend money before start making it. But that’s how the cookie crumbles. The good news is that today I’ll share the way to save your money. Interested?

I want to advise you an awesome service that I found a couple days ago – MyVoucherCodes. Now you can easily save your money with its voucher codes, deals, discounts and in-store offers.

Here you can buy all kinds of bargains! And user friendly design will be in a great use for you.

Why I write this information on design related blog? Everything is very simple: as a newbie designer you can be interested in Discounts on Adobe Photoshop, right? Be sure, MyVoucherCodes is the best place to purchase Photoshop.

But it is not enough. Before you make something stunning, you should go through many hours of work. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect.

The best place to start is photo manipulations. There are thousands of tutorials on how to create one or the other Photoshop effect on the Net. Some of them you can find here, at Web Design Library. Just open the tutorial, follow it step by step and – in two weeks from now – you will be able to design mind-blowing photo manipulations.

Working this way you may face only one problem – where to find photos for your work. Good stuff will inspire you and bring some colorful ideas. But with bad photos, you’ll create nothing. One more problem – you should buy photos for your future designs…

As always I have a solution for you 🙂 iStockPhoto Voucher Codes! iStockPhoto is a stunning resource than will bring you lots of photos, illustrations and other stuff for work. And with MyVoucherCodes you’ll get quality photos and save your money, isn’t it great?

In conclusion I want to give you some advice. Web design can be quite a daunting prospect if you are new to the Internet. To make your life easier you should follow these tips:
1. Learn HTML (It is the best investment that you can make. It’s really not that difficult and it will greatly aid in your understanding of web design.)
2. Use a web template for web design
3. If you can’t do something. Learn how to, don’t give up.
4. Read Read Read
5. Use MyVoucherCodes

That’s how it works 🙂