Green-way of Success: A Set of Inspiring Websites, Green Icon Sets & Web Templates!

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Green color is a traditional representative of spring, youth, nature, safety, fertility and hope. It makes things appear natural and ecologically beneficial; with both a warming and refreshing effect, the color Green imbues with balance, harmony, and stability. Thinking of it one usually visualises rich flora outdoors, recalls on the healing stillness of pristine environment; calming aspects of this color bring relaxation and tranquillity to the viewer. No wonder that the psychological impact of Green is widely used in advertising, corporate identity, electronic media etc.

Human scientists state, that our visual receptors are most sensitive to middle frequencies such as green. Relatively, Green is an effective, widely popular color in modern web design. As a cool color, it tends to fade in and visually take less space on the page when equally compared to warmer colors.

Green draws the eye to the most important areas on a small or large screen, maximizing readability and minimizing optical fatigue which is an essential factor in web design. Effectual Green design may integrate simultaneously with other supporting colors to display a symphonic arrangement of shades, tints, tones and complementary colors to tantalize and maintain interest. Lastly, it is a quite restful color with some of the same calming attributes of blue.

Further, the curious issue takes place – what particular areas of a prospective website are to make the best hit if painted Green? These are your background layouts, menu buttons, advertising banners, call to action section/buttons an, of course, the various website icons.

To gain ourselves more practical impression, let’s see some inspiring examples of Green colored websites. Pay attention to the details and nonrandom tones used by the designers.

Further is the collection of remarkable icon sets, designed in Green with natural, soothing feeling:

I hope this collection will give you the joyful inspiration and cause some unique ideas of yours.

And below there are several wonderful examples of Green colored web templates, created with care by team:



Design Landspape

Design Garden

Beauty Salon

Landscape Design



Seasons Design


Wishing you a perfect green day!



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